Crystals for Fertility – Helpful Stones to Add to Your Life

fertility and crystals

Many things in life are out of our control. Though we may try to will certain things into existence…it’s not always possible to get what we want when we want it. Especially when it comes to starting (or expanding) a family. Many people dream of having children. However, sometimes to make it happen, a little nudge is required. That may involve tracking ovulation, making appointments with doctors or specialists, or even using crystals for fertility. The latter is extremely popular and is becoming more and more common as the use of crystals becomes more widely accepted and understood. If fertility and pregnancy are on your mind, consider adding these helpful stones to your life.

Crystals for Fertility – What to Add to Your Crystal Collection

When it comes to fertility, nothing is guaranteed. You can do everything “right” and still have difficulty conceiving. That being said, many people have found crystals to be effective tools. Especially when it comes to stress. In some cases, the stresses and strains of a negative mindset can affect fertility. For instance, maybe you’ve been down lately, have been putting pressure on yourself to get pregnant, or you have a specific timeline in mind. One study indicated that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme connected to stress, had a difficult time getting pregnant. Stress can impact you both mentally and physically. So, it is especially important to de-stress and shift your energy. Crystals for fertility can be utilized to relax, release or dissolve negativity, encourage balance, harmonize the reproductive system, and even encourage pregnancy.

crystals for fertility

Use Jade for Fertility and Good Fortune

If you aren’t sure which crystals for fertility to reach for, consider using jade. This stone has a rich history and many positive attributes. It is commonly used in Chinese culture and is associated with luck, success, and wisdom. This prosperity stone doesn’t just bring forth financial abundance. Jade also promotes harmony between the mind, body, and spirit…which is especially important when it comes to fertility. Sometimes when a couple is trying to conceive, tensions run high. It can be a stressful process if either person is overly focused on the outcome. That is where jade comes in handy!

Jade has a nurturing energy that soothes, balances, and releases blocked emotions. Linked to the heart chakra, this stone allows you to relax and open your heart to the process. Additionally, jade has been linked to fertility and childbirth as it is believed to intensify feminine energy – and bring more blood flow and oxygen to the organs. To use this crystal in your everyday life, hold onto a jade palm stone whenever you feel the need for balance and prosperity. Or you can use jade while listening to a healing heart chakra guided meditation.

Reach for Moonstone to Enhance Feminine Energy

Perhaps the most widely known of the crystals for fertility is moonstone. It is regarded by many as the stone for fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. This may have to do with the fact that it is considered a stone of new beginnings. Or the fact that it is aligned with the energy of the moon, which is thought to be feminine. Moonstone is also linked to inner growth, strength, and good fortune in love. Traditionally, this crystal was charged under the moonlight to encourage pregnancy. Some people still participate in this ritual in order to encourage fertility.

It doesn’t end there. Moonstone is also tied to emotional stability, balance, sensuality, and a return to wholeness. Additionally, moonstone has been dubbed the woman’s healing stone. This is because of its ability to balance hormones, metabolism, and female cycles. All of which aid in conception. Meditate with moonstone, wear an item of moonstone jewellery, or keep a piece in your bedroom. To make this powerful stone even more powerful, try using it during a full moon. Wondering why? It is believed that the healing energies of the crystal are stronger during this time. 

unakite for fertility

Try Unakite for Restoring Balance

Next up on this list of crystals for fertility is unakite. There are a lot of wonderful uses for this stone, including the ability to nurture both the mind and the heart. Unakite is a green and pink crystal. Those colours represent nurturing energy and compassionate energy working together in harmony. This stone is also linked to love, kindness, passion, and balance. It relates to the heart, sacral, and root chakra. Unakite is grounding, caring, and promotes a positive mindset. All of these qualities are important when it comes to conceiving, pregnancy, and childbirth.

The stone is thought to boost fertility by making it easier to get pregnant. (Which is why many people like to keep this stone nearby when trying to conceive.) In addition, unakite is believed to give physical support during childbirth and improve the health of both mother and child during pregnancy. The best thing to do? Hold onto this stone whenever you feel drawn to it. It may just help you achieve a calm and balanced perspective, whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, or about to deliver.

Add Fluorite to Your Life to Remove Negative Energy

One more to add to your collection is fluorite. In case you aren’t familiar with this particular stone, fluorite has a number of uses. Most commonly? This stone absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stressful emotions. (That in itself is extremely important when it comes to fertility!) Fluorite is also connected to learning, concentration, and improved decision-making skills. That’s not all. This stone has also been linked to balanced energy, increased confidence levels, and a positive mental attitude.

In terms of fertility, fluorite can be an effective tool as well. Mainly because it increases sexual desires…thereby making it much easier to conceive. Its ability to remove negative energy from your aura removes self-doubt, self-imposed pressure, negativity, and fear based thoughts that may prevent you from conceiving. Fluorite is also thought to stabilize hormonal changes. Not sure how to use this stone? Use it as part of a crystal grid focused on fertility; rest the stone on your stomach for five to ten minutes while focused on your intention; wear jewellery with this crystal so you can enjoy its properties throughout the day.

Other Crystals for Fertility to Try

rose quartz for fertility

If none of these crystals are resonating with you (or you don’t have any of them in your current crystal collection), that’s okay. There are several others that are beneficial. Need a few ideas? Other crystals for fertility include: rose quartz (increases fertility and calms intense emotions), carnelian (removes energetic blockages in the reproductive organs), celestite (connects you to healing angel energies), rhodonite (restores emotional balance during pregnancy), and lepidolite (helps with feelings of anxiety and depression during periods of waiting). Those are just a few suggestions to help you get started. Find what works for you and go from there.

Crystals for fertility can make your journey a little less stressful. Reach for healing stones whenever you are searching for good fortune, feminine energy, balance, or a positive mindset. Open your heart and mind to the idea. You never know…these stones may become an integral part of your fertility journey.

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