Personality Traits – What Your Favourite Colour Reveals About You

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Every colour has a meaning. Beyond surface interpretations or societal generalizations (pink as feminine and blue as masculine, for instance) there are deeper definitions to uncover. Think of it this way: colours make you think of specific images. Like yellow for the sun or red for a freshly picked strawberry. However, these colours are more than just images and descriptors. They also highlight personality traits. Are you drawn to one particular colour? Would you call it your favourite? Then it is time to explore what that colour represents and find out how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Personality Traits and Colour

The link between personality traits and colour is nothing new. In fact, there are many online quizzes and websites dedicated to the four colour personalities. (Orange for an energetic personality, Gold for an organized personality, Green to represent an analytical personality, and Blue for a compassionate personality.) However, the connection between colour and personality goes much further than a quick online test. Take your favourite colour as an example. It has the ability to reveal an awful lot about who you are, what you value, and how you find contentment. That colour can uncover deeper aspects of your true self.

Maybe you’ve always had a favourite colour. Or perhaps there is one that you’ve felt connected to lately. Focus on that colour now – and keep reading to find out what it says about your personality.

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What Pink Represents

Pink is typically associated with kindness, a loving attitude, and sensitivity. If pink is a colour you are drawn to, you have an idealistic view of the world and are a natural-born nurturer. Additionally, this colour is linked to unconditional love and femininity. If pink is your favourite colour, consider the following:

  • People who adore the colour pink are generally very loving people. They offer kindness to others (even when they do not receive it in return) and are sensitive.
  • In addition to being generous with their time and emotions, they are also approachable and friendly. Not to mention nurturing. They want to take care of people and make difficult situations better.
  • Regardless of gender, if you like pink, you are likely in touch with your feminine side.
  • You are romantic and have a positive outlook on life. You try to see both sides of any and all conflicts and aim to be fair to others.
  • Often, you are reserved and avoid confrontations whenever possible. You may be shy or give this impression to others when they first meet you.

All About Blue

There are many interpretations of the colour blue. It is the same colour as the sky and the water. As a result, it is typically associated with stability and depth. In addition, it can also symbolize trust, wisdom, truth, faith, intelligence, and confidence. This shade can provide you with a sense of calm in times of stress. If you are drawn to the colour blue (or it happens to be your favourite colour), it indicates that you:

  • Are trustworthy and have a deep need to be trusted. You do not give away trust easily, however, and are wary of people until you get to know them on a deeper level.
  • Your nature is not spontaneous or impulsive. You tend to think before you act and look at life logically.
  • There is a need for peace, calm, and stability in your life. Meditation and alone time is essential for you.
  • On the outside, you appear confident but inside, you have a deep vulnerability.
  • You love to be needed and always put the needs of others ahead of your own.
  • Typically, you enjoy direction and order, prefer to do things your way, and take your responsibilities seriously.

Personality Traits and Purple

The colour purple has many possible meanings. It is tied to royalty, nobility, wealth, and luxury. However, it also relates to feelings of creativity, deep wisdom, dignity, peace, independence, and magic. This shade can provide you with a sense of personal power and strength. Is purple your favourite colour? Chances are you:

  • Are a sensitive and compassionate person. Your focus is on understanding, supporting, and helping others. You often think about other people before you consider your own needs.
  • Can be sensitive to negative comments or criticisms, but because of your independent streak, you rarely let it show.
  • Draw people to you with your natural charisma, charm, and energy.
  • Tend to be an introverted individual and may appear to be shy…though this is not necessarily the case. You simply carry yourself with a quiet dignity.
  • Are an idealistic person with a vivid imagination. You spend a great deal of time thinking about the future or living in a fantasy world.
  • Have a creative spirit and inspire others to think and act creatively.

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The Meaning of Green

When it comes to the colour green, there are many common associations. People often think of money, fertility, or the environment. As for personality traits? Green is linked to harmony, reliability, personal ambition, energy, and a sense of renewal. If green is your favourite colour, the following may sound familiar:

  • People who love the colour green have a desire to feel safe and secure in both their personal lives and career. Stability is always the number one priority in every decision.
  • A good reputation is important. You pride yourself on being highly regarded and respected. Additionally, loyalty is a trait you look for in both yourself and others.
  • What green lovers want more than anything else is to love and be loved in return. They crave acceptance from the people in their lives and like to be praised for the little things they do.
  • If green is your favourite colour, you are likely down to earth and value honesty and integrity in your life.
  • You are affectionate, honest, balanced, and encouraging.

Understanding the Colour Red

Red is a misunderstood colour. Typically associated with outbursts of anger and unrestrained intensity…there are many positive associations as well. This colour is all about passion, excitement, and an undeniable zest for life. If your favourite colour is red, you likely:

  • Are a bold personality type and someone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, be the centre of attention, or express an opinion.
  • Have a lot of energy and passion – and you aren’t afraid to showcase that in everything you do.
  • Enjoy adventure and often make spontaneous decisions. You embrace change and like to do the unexpected.
  • Tend to be quite ambitious, courageous, competitive, and strong willed.
  • Are exciting to be around. People tend to gravitate towards you because red lovers are magnetic and always full of thrilling ideas.
  • Find yourself constantly on the move, whether that means moving from one career to another (always striving for success) or enjoying physical activity (taking part in hiking or adventure sports). 

Common Personality Traits of Yellow

As for the colour yellow, it has a pretty sunny reputation. It is associated with sunshine and joy. That’s not all! Yellow is connected to personality traits like vitality, inspiration, having a creative spirit, imagination, clarity, and optimism. Is your favourite colour yellow? Then consider the following:

  • Yellow relates to a love of learning. It expresses an innate need to learn, grow, and make the world a better place. You are someone who loves to read or is always interested in taking a new class or reading up on a new topic.
  • This colour is all about positive self-expression and highlighting your individuality in everything you do.
  • Those who favour this colour are intensely creative, have fresh and exciting ideas, and are never afraid to share their latest project with others.
  • People who love yellow tend to be outgoing, open, caring, and welcoming. They have a way of making others feel safe.
  • Clear communication is another personality trait associated with the colour yellow. It represents the ability to express yourself effectively and to analyze situations thoughtfully and with an open mind.

Add More of Your Favourite Colour to Your Life

So, does your favourite colour line up with personality traits you possess? Chances are, you saw quite a few similarities. There are many ways to incorporate your favourite colour (or maybe a new favourite) into your life. A few ideas include: wearing clothing or accessories in your preferred colour, working with coloured crystals, adding thoughtful pieces into your home decor, or lighting a coloured candle whenever you feel you need to tap into your true self.

Colours are powerful. They have meaning and can reflect specific personality traits. Is your favourite colour pink? Blue? Purple? Green? Red? Yellow? Whichever colour speaks to you…use it to add joy and understanding to your life.

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