Dealing With Disappointments – Crystals and Coping Strategies


It happens. Despite meticulous planning, plenty of hard work, and lots of positive thinking…. disappointments are a part of everyday life. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier though! Especially when it comes to important life matters. Maybe you were passed over for a promotion, were ghosted by a long-time friend, or can’t afford to attend your cousin’s destination wedding. Many scenarios can lead to letdowns. The most important thing to do is learn how to handle these disappointing situations when they arise. Dealing with disappointments is never easy – but these crystals and coping strategies can help you re-focus and get back on track.

Dealing with Disappointments – Crystals

dealing with disappointments

Maybe you are feeling down, discouraged, or are struggling to find your footing. That’s okay. Everyone experiences these emotions at one time or another. When dealing with disappointment, there are many potential ways to make yourself feel better. Take crystal healing as an example. Crystals can be used to shift your energy, remove negativity, and bring you back to a state of peace, hope, and positivity.

The following list includes several healing crystals that are specifically targeted towards disappointment. Choose the stone (or stones) that stand out to you or intuitively feel like the right choice. Then begin incorporating them into your life in whatever way you see fit. This could involve meditation, simply holding the crystal during moments of emotional unrest, wearing it or carrying it throughout the day, or placing the crystal somewhere prominent in your home. Remember, there is no right or wrong method. It is all about what feels correct to you and your own energetic needs. 

Effective Crystals for Disappointment

Though there are many potentially helpful stones to consider, some of the most effective for dealing with disappointments are:

  • Mahogany Obsidian. There are many reasons to seek out Mahogany Obsidian the next time you are browsing at a metaphysical shop. Particularly if a disappointment or personal setback has taken place. This is a stone that is both grounding and protecting – but it also helps you re-claim a sense of personal power and connection. It provides a sense of inner strength during difficult times, stimulates growth on spiritual and emotional levels, aids in feelings of self-confidence, and allows you to accept what is. Additionally, Mahogany Obsidian can be used to remove energetic cords between you and anyone who drains you of energy or does not respect your boundaries.
  • Amethyst. Easily one of the most easy-to-find and widely used crystals is amethyst. When it comes to dealing with disappointments…its accessibility is a wonderful thing. There are many healing properties associated with this stone. Some that relate to disappointment include its ability to remove sadness, grief, and anxiety. Amethyst is also effective at removing negative energies and helping you gather wisdom from within. If that wasn’t enough, it also reduces feelings of anger and bitterness – and balances out extreme emotions. So if you find yourself emotionally out of sorts post-disappointment, add amethyst to your day. 
  • Sunstone. Another option to consider is sunstone. This is a gentle crystal that is effective for both beginners and more advanced users. It is a bright stone that is sure to turn a negative situation into a positive one. It’s true! This peachy crystal is known to boost mood, give you a lighter and more positive energy, and improve your overall outlook on life. In addition, sunstone is tied to good fortune, luck, and heightened intuition. It also works well at clearing, energizing, and balancing the chakras. On days where you feel down, fearful, or plain old disappointed…let sunstone perk you back up again.

Strategies to Deal with Disappointment

coping strategies

Looking for additional ways to handle the ups and downs of day-to-day life? When it comes to dealing with disappointments, there are many techniques and coping strategies to try. Be open-minded and see what works for you!

Re-Evaluate Your Expectations

One of the best places to start in any situation is to be mindful of your expectations. For instance, maybe you are looking for work but are struggling to get past the first interview. Take time to re-evaluate your expectations. Instead of going into each interview thinking that you have to get the job or you won’t be able to afford this, that, and the other…. think about the interview as great practice. Shifting your mindset and altering your expectations can really take the pressure off! You may even want to apply this technique to family gatherings or nights out with friends.

When you stop going into situations with a firm expectation of how things will turn out, you are much less likely to feel disappointed by the outcome. Remember, often our expectations lead to feelings of disappointment rather than the situation itself. So take the pressure off and keep those expectations in check!

Express How You Feel in a Safe Way

When major life mishaps happen, it can feel extremely isolating. Living with the disappointment can be tough. That makes it extra important to acknowledge your emotions before you try to move forward from the situation. One easy way to do that? Take time to express how you feel in a way that makes you feel safe and secure. There are many different ways to do just that.

A few suggestions include: writing in a journal about whatever disappointed you, calling up a friend or family member, grabbing coffee with someone you trust to discuss the situation face-to-face, or talking it out during prayer. It doesn’t mater how you go about it. The most important thing is to express yourself, acknowledge the disappointment, and allow yourself to feel heard. 

Bring Positivity Back Into Your Life

Okay…you have talked it out and grieved the particulars of the situation. Wondering what comes next? This is the perfect time to re-focus your mind on positivity. Though it may be tempting to rush to this step right away (because it can be uncomfortable, draining, and sometimes even painful to deal with feelings of disappointment), make sure you have dealt with all the emotional aspects first. Then you will be ready to focus on love, appreciation, and affirmations.

Spend time listening to music that makes you feel good. Watch a movie that always makes you laugh. Paint your nails a bright, sunny colour. Wear a tie that has a lively print. Shower yourself with love, praise, and adoration. Recite positive affirmations in the mirror, when you first wake up, or in the car on your way to work. A few example affirmations for disappointment are:

  • Things always work out well for me.
  • I move forward with a positive attitude and hopeful outlook.
  • I trust the process of life.

Create a New Plan of Action

When things don’t go as planned…it is easy to feel like throwing in the towel altogether. Why bother trying when nothing ever works out? Instead of giving in, get creative. This is the time to channel your frustration into a new plan of action. So this one situation didn’t work out as you expected. Now what? What will you do next? Will you find a new way to save money? Download a dating app? Sharpen up your resume? Volunteer somewhere in town? Whatever the situation may be, give yourself the opportunity to start again. It can be a truly healing experience.

This is the time to take action steps. Decide what you want and think about how you can realistically get there. Ask others for advice if you are feeling stuck. Just remember: never give up. Every day is a chance to learn and grow.

Maybe things didn’t go as planned. That’s okay! Dealing with disappointments is a natural part of life. Now that you know what crystals to reach for and various coping strategies you can use… nothing will stand in your way again. So get out there and shine your light.

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