Even More Colour Meanings – What Your Favourite Colours Reveal About You

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Colours are more than just a part of our lives. They are connected to who we are, the lives we live, and our own personal forms of self-expression. Take a look around your home. Are certain colours more prevalent than others? What paint colour did you choose for the living room walls? Was it an easy choice or did you painstakingly pour over booklet after booklet of paint swatches? Colour meanings are all around us. From the items we include in our homes to the clothes we wear on a day-to-day basis and even our favourite shades. All of these seemingly insignificant choices can reveal an awful lot about who we are. Keep reading to find out what personality traits are linked to the colours brown, orange, black, turquoise, and silver.

All About Colour Meanings

colour meanings

It may seem like the things we are drawn to or the colours that make us happy are random – or even unimportant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The colours in our lives hold meaning. They have the ability to improve our lives and reflect who we are back to us. Which is why colour psychology (the study of colours and how they relate to human behaviour) continues to be used in everything from marketing campaigns to attempts to reduce crime in high-risk areas. Colour hasn’t just been linked to potential behaviour patterns…it has also been tied to specific personality traits.

Are you a creative and imaginative person? Then you are likely drawn to the colour yellow. Or if you are compassionate and sensitive, pink might be more your speed. Yellow and pink not your personal favourites? Not to worry. There are many other examples of colour meanings to examine and explore.

What the Colour Brown Represents

Brown is a colour that is often associated with security, stability, and a strong sense of self. Is this a colour you are drawn to? Chances are you love either spending time outdoors (this is an earthy grounding colour) or feeling safe and secure at home. Additionally, brown is connected to fall and winter (you may have been born during those months or prefer those particular seasons over spring and summer). If brown is your favourite colour, consider the following:

  • People who like brown tend to be friendly, open, and easy to connect to. They are excellent listeners with down-to-earth personalities. Those who like brown also tend to be more conservative in nature.
  • Spending time outdoors is more than just a hobby…it is a necessary way of life. Brown lovers may be avid hikers, runners, or spend their spare time camping or taking nature photographs.
  • The most important thing to someone who likes the colour brown is a strong foundation. That means having solid roots in every aspect of life. This could mean living nearby to family members, nurturing long-standing relationships, or investing in a forever home.
  • Brown is considered to be the cousin of gold. So if gold is more your thing, it means: you are courageous, passionate, and do not shy away from the finer things in life. You know your worth and refuse to settle.

All About Orange

Colour meanings can also relate to the bright, bold, and totally unforgettable hue of orange. This particular colour is loaded with energy and happiness. It does not hide itself away – and neither do the people who call this colour their favourite. Orange has been linked to an enthusiasm for life and a creative spirit. Have you always been drawn to orange? Then keep the following in mind…

  • People who love orange have a light-hearted and hopeful energy. They believe that life is a blessing and that they too can be a blessing to others.
  • They enjoy being social and spending time with people. It doesn’t matter whether it is a smaller gathering or a group of total strangers. Orange lovers enjoy connecting to people and leaving a lasting impression.
  • If orange is your favourite colour, you are likely an assertive and determined personality type. (Not aggressive but rather knowing what you want and going after it.) This colour is all about success, strength, and endurance.
  • Orange also represents being courageous, creative, and ambitious. That makes orange fans excellent in the workplace. They are able to offer fresh new ideas and follow through with them.

Colour Meanings Related to Black

Okay, so technically this is a shade rather than a colour. However, there are specific colour meanings linked to black. It has to do with formality, elegance, and a strong personal strength. In some cases, black can also be related to a desire for power or control. Is black a shade you wear often? Or something you use to decorate your home? If you have a connection to black, consider the following points:

  • People who like black tend to be fiercely independent and find it difficult to follow orders from others, either at home or at the office. That makes them wonderful self-employed business owners or managers.
  • Often other people will see you as serious, conservative, or strict in nature. This may or may not be true. However, people view you this way because you often find it difficult to share your thoughts and feelings openly.
  • Black is often seen as mysterious and sophisticated. The same can be said for those who love to wear it! If black is your favourite colour, you likely possess an inexplicably alluring quality. People are drawn to you and want to know more about who you are.
  • If you enjoy black, you are fiercely protective. Loyalty is your middle name – and you would do anything to keep your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy.
calming turquoise

Understanding the Colour Turquoise

Another colour to consider is turquoise. If colour meanings are of interest, there is a lot to pay attention to with this gorgeous shade. Turquoise is often associated with a calming energy and a refreshing state of mind. It has to do with serenity, wisdom, and tranquility. Anyone who loves this colour should consider the following:

  • If turquoise is your favourite colour, you are a friendly person who is open to positive communication. You are approachable and non-judgmental.
  • Turquoise lovers tend to have balanced personalities. They do not take anything too seriously or experience strong emotional reactions. They measure situations logically and use their intuition to determine the best course of action.
  • Something important to people who love turquoise is a strong focus on self-care. They are not afraid to love themselves and focus on their own needs. This means many people who love this colour have a solid level of self-esteem to fall back on, no matter what life throws their way.
  • People who love turquoise possess many positive qualities. They are wise, patient, and loyal to those around them. Additionally, they have a calming presence that immediately puts others at ease.

Common Traits Associated With Silver

Some people are drawn to pinks or blues but maybe you are all about silver. There is something about that metallic shine that just calls your name! This is completely understandable. The colour silver is a spiritual shade that is linked to connection and powerful personal insight. Not to mention elegance, wisdom, and a responsible streak. Is your favourite colour silver? Then the following likely describe your dominant personality traits.

  • Silver is tied to good decision-making and a strong sense of self-control. That means you do not give into temptation easily and use intuition to guide your decisions rather than your emotions.
  • You have a strong connection with both yourself and your spiritual side. You are likely an introspective person – always putting your intellect to good use. Often you spend your time reflecting on your purpose, the meaning of life, and other important questions.
  • For those drawn to silver, creativity is everything. You have an imaginative streak and love to express yourself with words. That might mean spending your spare time writing, listening to speeches, or reading poetry.
  • Change can be a terrifying concept for many people on this planet. However, if you love silver, chances are change doesn’t bother you too much. You are able to adapt to new situations with ease. Your personality type is always open to new opportunities. Thankfully, you are a resourceful and flexible person.

Colour meanings aren’t just interesting tidbits of information. They share an awful lot about how you relate to the world and what is truly important to your life. What does your favourite colour really mean? Whether you love brown, orange, black, turquoise, or silver…these colours can help reveal more about who you are.

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