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new year planner

Add Spirituality to Your Planner – Start Each Week with Positivity

It is time for a fresh start. This is the perfect opportunity to refocus your mind and wipe the slate clean. Are there certain...
crystal healing

Crystals for Productivity – Finish Your to Do List Faster!

There is always so much to be done once December hits. Though there may not be as many physical get-togethers this year…there are bound...
change up routine

Simple Ways to Change Up Your Exercise Routine

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you do the same things day in and day out? Routines can be good, but they can...
halloween dreams

Dream Meanings – Danger, Demons & Halloween Symbols

Have your dreams been looking more like a horror movie than the yellow brick road? It might have something to do with the time...
remedy flowers

5 Natural Remedies to Supplement Your Medicine Cabinet

Feeling under the weather? Stressed or out of sorts? There are many reasons to look into medications and other types of healing modalities. After...

Aura Colours – Common Colours and What They Represent

What colour is your aura? And what does that colour mean? Maybe in the past, someone has offered to give you a detailed aura...
technology and crystals

Crystals and Your Technological Devices – What You Need to Know

Technology is an unavoidable part of modern-day society. While there are countless debates about whether technological advances help or hinder…technology is and will continue...
number meanings

Numerology and Your Life – What it is and How to Get Started

Do you find meaning in numbers? Ever noticed a connection between life events and specific dates? Do you have a favourite number? Do you...
barefoot nature

Walking Barefoot – Four Health Benefits to Consider

Have you ever experienced it? The true beauty of nature and connection? Take a moment to think back. Can you recall the blissful feeling...
oil sprays

Essential Oil Room Sprays for Your Home – Benefits and Recipes

Have you been looking for a way to refresh your space? Breathe new life into your home with essential oils. They are a wonderful...
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