Workout Benefits: The Importance of Exercise + How to Get Started

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You’ve heard it said all your life: exercise is good for you. That may be true, but have you ever really stopped to think about why? You are not alone. Many of us have a vague idea that we should work out more – simply because it’s what we’ve always been told to do. However, it can be difficult to find a genuine desire to start moving. Forget desperately searching for enough motivation to hit the gym or go for a walk after work. The easiest way to get inspired is to consider the facts. There are many workout benefits. Here are some of the most noteworthy advantages to regular exercise – and a straightforward guide to implement a workout routine of your very own.   

Workout Benefits to Consider

workout benefits

It is fairly common to hear people talk about working out more, wanting to sign up for a gym membership, or planning to join a fitness group on social media. Why does this happen? From an early age, we have been told how important it is to exercise. To be in good shape. To live a healthy lifestyle. While this all sounds good on paper…what does it really mean? What will working out do to benefit the mind, body, and soul? The workout benefits are endless. So, to put everything in perspective, here is some essential information. 

Benefit #1: Maintains a Healthy Weight

One of the most obvious benefits to regular exercise has to do with weight management. Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, exercise will help you do it. Physical exercise allows you to burn calories. That in turn aids in weight control. Moving your body can also help you achieve a more muscular appearance. You don’t necessarily have to spend all day every day at the gym to see results. It has more to do with the intensity of your workout. Having trouble fitting exercise into your day? Look for highly effective moves, like planks or squats. Or you can increase your efforts throughout the day, by taking the stairs at work or vacuuming the house.

Benefit #2: Improves Your Mood

Still not sure about the potential workout benefits? Consider the following. We all know that life can be stressful at times. There are times when we feel grumpy or unhappy. Some exciting news? Exercise can turn all of that around. Getting your heart rate pumping has been found to elevate your mood. According to research, exercise increases serotonin levels (which helps your brain regulate everything from mood to sleep and even appetite) and reduces chemicals in the immune system that worsen depression. Exercise has also been found to make you more relaxed and focused. If that wasn’t enough, working out on a regular or semi-regular basis can improve your mood through increased self-esteem. Putting time and effort into self care can be extremely beneficial to both mood and mind.  

Benefit #3: Prevents Certain Diseases and Health Problems

Want to improve your physical health? Exercise is the perfect way to do it. Working out has been found to keep certain diseases and health problems at bay. In fact, working out can help lower blood pressure and reduce your chances of experiencing certain types of heart disease. That’s not all, though. Working out can also cut down on your risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, depression, and various types of cancers. For better overall health, don’t be afraid to hit the gym. Just remember the old saying, health is wealth. Invest in your health by understanding the numerous workout benefits – and make plenty of time for movement.

Benefit #4: Gives You More Energy

Are you tired of feeling tired? Of dragging yourself through each day? You don’t have to feel that way anymore. Another one of the many workout benefits is increased energy. When you work out, a number of things happen. Your muscles become stronger and your heart and lungs work better. There is an increase of blood flow to the body, which leads to more energy. Instead of feeling like you don’t have the strength to get out of bed in the morning, you will start to feel a spring in your step. Speaking of more energy…don’t forget about that blissful post-workout high. There is often a sense of clarity, ease, and contentment following a good workout. This is because endorphins are released in the brain. What a way to wind down from a good sweat session!

How to Get Started – Exercise Basics and Motivation Tips

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Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. Mentally, you may be ready to jump on the treadmill and run for hours. However, that desire can vanish just as quickly as it arrived. To get started, it is important to focus on all of those important workout benefits. Think about what exercise will do for your mind, body, and spirit. You can use those benefits as an anchor when you feel like giving up or skipping that workout. Having solid reasons to workout (like weight management, improved mood, prevention of diseases, and increased energy) will help you keep going even when a night of streaming services seems to be calling your name.

Start Small and Cut Yourself Some Slack

It won’t happen overnight. The chances of you immediately turning your life upside down – and sticking to that new regimented workout plan? Slim. That is why it is so important to start small. Take manageable steps and work exercise into your lifestyle, bit by bit. Need a few ideas? Download a daily fitness app (there are many to choose from and some feature five to ten short exercise moves for beginners), take a walk before dinner once or twice a week, or dance to a few songs in the privacy of your home. Just remember to cut yourself some slack. This is all about taking positive steps forward. Enjoying the many workout benefits is possible. However, it is a process that takes time and patience to fully experience. Start small and do your best to stick with it.

Find a Beginner Friendly Workout to Try

Ready for all of those fabulous workout benefits? Then it may be time to consider a beginner friendly workout. There are plenty of classes available at the gym or local community centers. Or you can purchase a workout DVD or watch a workout video online. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of beginner workouts available. Some may be geared towards strength, some cardio, and some towards specific areas of the body. While all of them can be beneficial, it is typically best to start with an all over body workout designed for beginner levels.

As your fitness increases, you can try out different workout moves, add weight to your exercises, or move from beginner workouts to advanced and eventually, intermediate. There are plenty of effective resources. Whether you have an hour to work out or only five minutes…there are options. Do your best to focus on movement and start enjoying those workout benefits.

There are many mental and physical benefits to regular exercise. It can help you reach weight loss goals, reduce your risk of experiencing health problems, and even make you a happier, more positive person. With so many perks of working out, there is no reason to put it off any longer.

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