Crystal Troubleshooting – What to do When Your Crystals Aren’t Working

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Don’t worry. It happens to beginners and experienced crystal enthusiasts alike. One minute, your favourite crystal is overflowing with positive energy. The next? It seems like it isn’t doing anything at all. When a crystal from your collection stops working or a new stone just isn’t jiving with your energy…crystal troubleshooting may be in order. This process identifies potential reasons your crystal may not be working. Additionally, it highlights effective ways to keep your stones radiating positive, loving, healing energy day after day. Keep reading to find out how to get started.

Why Your Crystals May Not Be Working

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Have you noticed a shift? Or a sort of disconnect? Perhaps your favourite stone just doesn’t feel the same when you hold it or you just can’t seem to connect to your crystal collection anymore. It can be a little disconcerting. Especially if you are used to feeling strong energetic vibrations from your stones! Take a deep breath and relax. There are many potential reasons your crystals may not be working. To re-connect, you may need to spend some time crystal troubleshooting. Before you dive in headfirst, here are a few reasons your crystals may not be effectively helping and healing.

You Chose the Wrong Stones

When it comes to adding crystals to your home and spiritual practice, intuition is everything. One reason your crystal may not be working well? It is possible you chose it logically rather than intuitively. For instance, maybe you are focused on attracting money into your life. So, you look up crystals related to money. A quick Google search gives you results that include pyrite, citrine, jade, and green aventurine. Perfect! You take that list and either order the stones online or head to a local metaphysical shop. Logically you have chosen to add stones related to what you are focused on. However, this isn’t necessarily the most energetically beneficial. It is far better to choose a stone that attracts you. Trust your gut instead of choosing what you think you should be adding to your collection.

Your Crystals Are Holding onto Negative Energy

Crystals are not just beautiful to look at. Their powerful and stable energy has the ability to realign our own erratic and unstable human energy. While many crystals are associated with specific healing properties (rose quartz for love and red jasper for grounding, for instance) it is possible that your crystal may be holding onto negative energy. Perhaps you recently bought the crystal from a store. Think of all the people who picked it up, looked at it, or were around that stone before you decided to make your purchase. The crystal will pick up that outside energy – both good and bad. Or alternatively, crystals in your existing collection may be picking up on negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions from either yourself or someone else in your home. Crystal troubleshooting may be necessary if negative energy has made your stones less effective.  

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

These days, almost everything is instant. Instant coffee, instant money transfers, instant downloads. No wonder it can be difficult to practice patience. When it comes to your crystals, sometimes patience is everything. It can take time for your crystals to work with your own personal energy. So, don’t rush the process. Remember, it is important to spend time with your stones. Let your energies connect with one another. Become familiar with your crystals and create a bond. There are many ways to do that, including wearing crystal jewelry, carrying stones with you, or placing them in noticeable spots in your home.

Crystal Troubleshooting: What to Do

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There are many reasons your crystals may not be working effectively. From selecting stones that don’t speak to you, to negative energy, to a lack of patience….and a wide array of other potential possibilities. If your crystals don’t seem to be working, try doing a little crystal troubleshooting. Here are a few suggestions to kick-start your crystals.

  • Consider What Might be Creating a Blockage. Sometimes, uncovering the reason your crystal isn’t working is fairly simple. Just consider why. Are you creating blockages? Perhaps you have been distracted lately or haven’t spent a lot of time focused on your self-care. Maybe you have been all but ignoring your crystals. By determining potential reasons behind energetic blockages, you can take positive steps towards change.
  • Spend More Time with Your Crystals. Another option is to devote more time to your crystal collection. Read up on the metaphysical properties, meditate with your crystals, keep certain stones with you while you work or on your bedside table. Include crystals in your daily routine and spiritual practice. When you actively dedicate time to your crystals, it will strengthen that energetic bond – and the overall effectiveness of the stone.
  • Cleanse and Clear Your Crystals. One of the most common reasons your crystals might not be working? They haven’t been cleansed. It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly. This should be done after someone else has touched them but also periodically as your intuition guides you. Cleansing crystals can be done in many ways. A few suggestions include: smudging with sage or palo santo, using sunlight or moonlight, using other crystals like selenite or clear quartz, burying your crystals, or using intention to purify and remove all negative energy from the stone. Whichever method you choose, know that your crystals will be cleared and ready to use.  

Crystal troubleshooting doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply focus on clearing your stones of any unwanted energies and remember to spend time with your beloved stones! The more you connect to their energy…the more they will work with your own.

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