Get Grounded – Easy and Effective Ways to Connect

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In a time where connection is lacking…it is more important than ever to feel grounded. There is a current need for physical distance between one another. However, you can always create a physical bond with the earth. Yes, it is time to get grounded. Reconnecting, visualizing, and living intentionally can benefit your mental health and emotional well-being. Not sure where to begin? What to do? Whether grounding will actually help during this time of uncertainty? Open your mind to the possibilities and begin to root yourself in something deeper.

What is Grounding and What Does it Do?

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Have you ever felt connected to nature? Truly deeply connected? Maybe you were sitting underneath a tall leafy tree. Or perhaps you felt the crunch of dirt underneath your shoes during an early morning walk. Those moments of connectivity are actually grounded moments. Being connected (both physically and spiritually) strengthens your connection to the earth. It allows you to get in touch with Mother Nature and feel firmly rooted in something solid and eternal. There are many reasons to get grounded! For instance, this process provides you with a sturdy foundation. It makes you feel connected, safe, and secure. Additionally, grounding allows you to stay in the present moment. It helps you feel more in tune with your body. Grounding also clears the mind, reduces anxiety, and increases concentration levels.

How to Connect and Find Your Inner Calm

Life is not always simple and easy. There are often many challenges and obstacles to overcome. That doesn’t mean you throw in the towel! The ups and downs of life are far easier to navigate when your mind is focused and your body is connected. This is where grounding comes in handy. It can give you that focus and sense of connection. Luckily, there is more than one way to get grounded. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started and stay rooted.

Visualization Techniques to Get Grounded

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately? If you’ve struggled with issues like distraction, constant worrying, difficulty sleeping, or overthinking…chances are you are ungrounded. One way to turn that around? Make use of effective visualization techniques. Visualization is one of the most common ways to get grounded. The main benefit of this particular technique is that it can be practiced absolutely anywhere! Whether you are inside, outside, with company or alone, visualization works. One option is to listen to a guided mediation for grounding. Usually in a meditation like this, a speaker will talk you through a scenario in nature and allow your body to relax into the visualization.

Another way to visualize is to plant your feet flat on the floor (either inside or outside) and start to imagine roots growing out of your body. Picture them growing out of your feet and plunging through the floor, through pavement, and through the ground. Allow those roots to grow as deeply into the earth as you feel necessary. You may want picture those roots wrapping around some large rocks or crystals. Stay here for a minute or two until you start to feel calmer and more connected. See? Grounding is easy. All you need is your imagination.

Crystal Healing for Connection

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There are many uses for crystals. These beautiful stones have long been a part of healing and history. (Read more about that in our Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners.) From removing negativity to increasing feelings of self-love…there are many practical uses for crystals. However, if you want to get grounded, certain stones are more effective. Here are a few to add to your collection:

  • Black Tourmaline. Perhaps one of the most commonly used crystals for grounding is black tourmaline. This rich dark stone allows you to ground to the energy of the earth with ease. It is a supportive and empowering stone that offers clarity and confidence.
  • Red Jasper. Another crystal to consider is red jasper. This stone connects to the lower chakras, including the sacral and root. It provides a strong grounding vibration which is extremely helpful if you are feeling out of sorts. Red Jasper is also wonderful at balancing out strong emotions.
  • Shungite. Still not sure what you need? Consider holding a piece of Shungite in moments where you feel ungrounded. This stone has a deep connection to the earth. It is also highly protective and promotes a sense of stability and healing.
  • Turquoise. One more option is to hold or meditate with a piece of turquoise. This vibrant stone has the ability to absorb negative energy and awaken creative expression. If that wasn’t enough, this is an earth grounding stone. It improves meditation, provides strength and protection, and gives you a little peace of mind.

Get Grounded by Spending Time in Nature

Of course, another easy way to connect and stay calm is to be in nature. There is more than one way to do this. For instance, you might want to try and bring the outside in. Try hanging up travel photos or inspiring nature photos you find online. Or you could always place a potted plant (or two) in your bedroom or living area. Those simple changes to your space can help you feel grounded and connected throughout the day.

Another option is to spend a little time outside. Go for a nature walk, run or bike along a trail, spend some time in a park or stroll along a nearby beach. If that doesn’t fit into your current schedule, not to worry. You can simply spend a few minutes on your porch or balcony. Or take a deep breath of fresh air before continuing on with the responsibilities of your day. Do whatever you can to add nature to your day. What an effective way to get grounded!

More Ways to Get Grounded

It doesn’t end there. There are additional grounding techniques to try. Just consider the following: physical exercise (something like yoga or tai chi is wonderful because it really connects you to your body), taking a bath (light some earthy candles and listen to nature sounds while you soak and relax), or affirmations (repeating an affirmation or mantra like, “I am grounded and connected to the earth” can be useful). Use as many or as few grounding techniques as you like. You’ll quickly discover what works best for you.  

Get grounded! Even when life feels uncertain and unstable…it is always possible to find your footing. Establish roots and make time for what really matters.

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