What is Candle Magic and How Does it Work?

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Candles serve many purposes. In some cases, they are used to provide light or to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Other times, candles are used for decoration or to add a chosen scent to a room. They may also be part of religious or spiritual practices. It all depends on how you decide to put candles to use! One additional possibility is candle magic. Not sure what it is? How it works? If candle magic is right for you? Not to worry. This beginner friendly guide will fill you in on all the important details. From there, you can decide whether or not you want to add this ritual to your day-to-day life. Ready to get started? Here is everything you need to know.

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The Basics: What is Candle Magic?

The use of candles dates back thousands of years. Though their origin story is unknown, the National Candle Association credits the earliest use to the Egyptians. From there, the Ancient Romans are believed to have created and used the first candles with wicks. (The part of the candle that holds the flame, which is often made from braided cotton.) Since then? Candles have become an integral part of life in both historical contexts and in our modern-day society. Take candle magic as an example. It is used for manifestation and setting intentions.

Essentially, candles can become a physical tool that aids in manifestation. Depending on what you want to bring into your life (or release from your life), specific candle colours are chosen. Additionally, oils and herbs can be used to intensify or speed up the manifestation process. Visualization and a focus on a specific intention brings the ritual to a close. Candle magic is an intention-based practice that has the ability to be extremely powerful. It can shift your energy and as a result, encourage positive change. It works through a combination of respect, ritual and focused intention. Which is why this practice is often linked to the Law of Attraction and other commonly-known manifestation techniques.

Different Ways to Practice Candle Magic

Candle magic (or magick, as it is often referred to as) doesn’t need to feel scary or overwhelming. There are numerous ways to practice. Some are more elaborate and some are really quite simple. You can do as much or as little as you like! Perhaps practicing candle magic for you means setting an intention and lighting a candle. For someone else, the ritual might be a little more complex, with carved words in the wax or herbs used for added intensity. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Remember, your intuition is always your most important guide. Follow it. Trust it. Everyone practices a little bit differently and that is okay.

Does the word magic make you feel a little uneasy? Not to worry. Candle magic is often considered a good beginner exercise for those involved in Wicca (especially because the candle represents all four elements. Fire is the flame itself; air feeds the flame to make it grow; melted candle wax is linked to the element of water; the solidified wax represents the earth). However, it is used and practiced by countless individuals in the new age community as well. It isn’t necessarily a religious practice. Candle magic can be whatever you want it to be. This process is about taking the basic information and customizing it to your own needs. As with anything, do what feels empowering to you and leave the rest.

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The Importance of Candle Colours

It is no secret that colours have meaning. (Don’t believe it? Be sure to read the article, “Personality Traits – What Your Favourite Colour Reveals About You.”) Colours have the ability to bring forth certain emotions or represent specific situations. This is especially true when it comes to candle magic. Being deliberate with colour can aid in the manifestation process and reinforce your overall intention. Want to try candle magic for yourself? Think about the colour of your candle. Here are some basic colours and their meanings:

  • White. The best place to start is with white. This shade is cleansing and spiritual. It is all about releasing what doesn’t serve you and connecting you to a place of peace.
  • Black. Much like black crystals, this colour is about protection and stability. It is used to release negative energies and old habits that no longer serve you.
  • Purple. If you use a purple (or violet or indigo) candle for your ritual, make sure your intentions are rooted in spiritual growth, wisdom, and uncovering your true purpose.
  • Green. When it comes to abundance, financial stability, and good fortune…green is the most suitable colour. It promotes prosperity and renewal in all aspects of life.
  • Pink. For matters of the heart, choose pink. It welcomes in love and is best suited for intentions related to romance, partnership, and friendship.
  • Yellow. When your manifestation goals are centered around confidence, inspiration, new opportunities, and imagination, yellow is the ultimate choice. It is bright and hopeful.
  • Blue. If your life is lacking in harmony, patience, or understanding, opt for blue. This colour is powerful in matters of truth, healing, and understanding.
  • Red. The last on this list is red. This colour is linked to passion, inner strength, physical strength, and willpower.

Getting Started: What to Do Next

Once you have your candle and intention, hold your unlit candle and focus on what you want. Place the candle in holder and light it. Watch the flame flicker for a moment or two and continue thinking about your intention. Let the candle burn for as long as you feel it needs to. Once you’re done? Do not blow out the candle (as that symbolizes blowing your intention away) but snuff out the flame carefully. Remember to always follow fire safety rules. Do not leave any candle unattended and have water nearby to extinguish a flame, if necessary. You can perform this ritual this every day, once a week, or whenever it feels appropriate.

To kick things up a notch, personalize or intensify your manifestation through candle magic. A few ideas? Anointing your candle with oil (with a thoughtful essential oil blend, a single oil, or an oil from a metaphysical shop) or adding herbs to the candle. Just make sure whatever oils and herbs you choose relate to your overall intention. For instance, lavender if your intention is to remove stress from your life or cedarwood for protection and grounding. Be thoughtful about anything you add to your candle magic practice.

You can also carve words that relate to your intention into the candle. (Use a toothpick, your nail, or anything else sharp and pointed.) Or you can place flowers, a letter, or physical representations of your intention around the candle. Do what feels right to you.

Candle magic is a wonderful way to kick your manifestation up a notch. Have you been feeling like something is missing? That your positive affirmations aren’t doing enough? This could be the solution. Trust your instincts and visualize your intended outcome as clearly as possible. You never know what might happen!

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