Solo Fitness Activities to Try – Staying Active on Your Own

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Fitness and group activities have long gone hand in hand. From local softball teams to aerobics classes…sometimes the companionship involved in teams and classes can be a motivational tool. Feeling accountable to another person (or a group of people) is often a simple way to follow through with a health and fitness schedule. However, things have changed a lot in the last little while. Separation has been encouraged. Gyms are closed or modified. Though these changes won’t last forever, they certainly highlight the need for solo fitness activities. An added focus on workouts you can do on your own will keep you moving and motivated, whatever the circumstances. Here are a few activities to add to your calendar.

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Are There Benefits to Solo Fitness Activities?

For a long time, the workout benefits of group activities have been prioritized. In all fairness…there are many reasons to get your sweat on in a group situation. It can lead to added motivation, bonding, and a sense of community. That being said, there are also many reasons to enjoy solo fitness activities as well. A few examples? Working out on your own allows you to fit your exercise routine into your schedule. Rather than scheduling your time around someone else’s schedule, gym hours, or a specific class.

It also allows you to focus your mind. That means no distractions from mindless chatter or vain attempts to tune out top 40 songs blaring in the background. Essentially, working out on your own is all about you. Sometimes, that is a good thing! It gives you the opportunity to do things your way as you focus on your own individual needs, wants, and fitness goals.

Different Activities to Try This Season

Whether you plan to workout indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both, there are options available. It might take a little creativity and self-motivation…but you can make it happen. The first step is to find an activity that you actually enjoy. Or several activities that you enjoy! Doing something that doesn’t feel like a punishment will keep you pushing forward. Choose one or more of these solo fitness activities to try this season.

Cardio Kickboxing

Want to burn calories? Release frustrations? Push yourself physically? Then cardio kickboxing might be the ideal choice for your next solo workout. It is all about intense moves and focused energy. This type of kickboxing can be done at home (thanks to workout videos, DVDs, and instructional exercises available online) and doesn’t require a ton of space or equipment. The most important thing is to bring passion and intensity to each move. This will increase your heart rate and make the exercises more intense. Not only does this particular workout target both the upper and lower body – but it is thought to burn between 350-450 calories per hour. Make it high impact or bring less intensity to your punches and kicks in order to reduce the intensity.

Walking or Running

Depending where you are in your fitness journey (or how you are feeling on a particular day) either walking or running is a solid choice. There are many benefits to these solo fitness activities. First of all, it is free to do. All you need is to throw on a pair of sneakers and walk out the door. This is also a customizable style of exercise. You can walk or run in silence, allowing yourself to feel grounded in nature. Or you can create a playlist of your favourite songs and use them for motivation. Audiobooks and podcasts can also be downloaded to your phone if you want to learn and workout at the same time. Something to remember? Set specific goals but be sure to listen to your body along the way. If you need to walk at a slower pace, do it. If you need to run halfway and then switch to walking, that’s okay too. The whole point is to move.

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Dancing at Home

Is it raining outside? If the weather is less than ideal, one effective activity is dance. It can be done just about anywhere. Plus, it can also be a lot of fun and a wonderful form of self-expression. You can make this as simple or complex as you like. Throw on some upbeat music and see where the rhythm takes you. Or you can watch a Zumba class, aerobics class, or dance tutorial online. There are hundreds of options available on streaming platforms like YouTube. Otherwise, there are dance-themed workout DVDs if you are craving something a little longer or with more structure. Whatever way you choose to dance…this is a surefire way to increase your heart rate, burn some calories, and improve your mood.

Try Rollerblading

There are many potential solo fitness activities to try. One exciting example is rollerblading. This can be done around your neighborhood, on a paved trail, at a suitable park, or even at an indoor roller rink. All you need to invest in is a pair of rollerblades or roller skates and a helmet. From there, you can go for as long as your legs can carry you. Not only is this activity a lot of fun but it is also an ultra-effective way to burn calories. It is estimated that a half hour of rollerblading can torch between 250-350 calories. For those looking to tone both the legs and core – and do something entertaining at the same time – rollerblading is something to consider.

Even More Solo Fitness Activities to Try

It doesn’t end there! When it comes to working up a sweat solo style, there are endless possibilities. A few additional suggestions include: fitness-based video games, an at-home yoga session or yoga poses in an open green space, a Pilates video or instructional DVD, challenging household tasks (scrubbing the bath tub, reorganizing the garage, and so on), swimming laps at a community center swimming pool, or going for a bike ride. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before. You never know. It might be the start of a beautiful relationship!

Sometimes, being in a group is wonderful. Other times? You just need to be on your own. Whether it comes down to scheduling or necessity…you can still achieve a solid workout session with or without company. These solo fitness activities are the perfect ways to get motivated, start moving, and have fun all season long.

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