Essential Oil Room Sprays for Your Home – Benefits and Recipes

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Have you been looking for a way to refresh your space? Breathe new life into your home with essential oils. They are a wonderful way to personalize each and every room. Certain scents make it easier to be productive, calm down, or feel safe. Being intentional with essential oils allows you to determine where and when that happens! One way to incorporate scents thoughtfully into your home is with the use of room sprays. These are also commonly referred to as home fragrances. Just like you would spritz on a little perfume before heading out for a big night…a room spray works the same way. It allows you to add a layer of scent to your space. This in turn makes it possible to personalize the aroma to your needs. Sound intriguing? Find out how you can create specific sprays to improve your home.

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Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Your Home

The use of essential oils is nothing new. Its use dates back to Ancient Egypt, where they used plants and oils for their cosmetics, medicines, and aromatherapy. Thousands of years later, society continues to incorporate essentials oils into their everyday life. Not only do certain oils smell incredible but there are many additional benefits. Some essential oil benefits include increased energy levels and improved quality of sleep – along with a number of mental and physical advantages. The latter can range from pain relief to dealing with headaches and sinus pressure, to soothing sore muscles. There are truly so many ways to use essential oils! Plus, they smell wonderful thanks to their aromatherapy properties. Certain scents can reduce stress levels, ease anxiety, and aid in relaxation. Whether you choose to diffuse essential oils, use a plug-in, an inhaler, or another method altogether…essential oils can benefit your life.

Different Types of Room Sprays

Want to enhance your home? Then it might be time to look into different types of room sprays. These are essentially subtler or softer versions of perfumes or colognes – and they make fabrics smell better and improve the overall scent of a room. These sprays can be purchased from a home store, a metaphysical shop, or online. This might be a good way to get started if you are feeling nervous about tackling a blend on your own. Otherwise, you can make a small batch of your own room spray. This is easier than you think.

If you choose to make your own? There are a lot of options available. Especially since you can customize your spray so it is suits your specific needs or intentions. For example, you can choose all of your essential oils thoughtfully. (Include something like lavender for a room designed for relaxation and so on.) Additionally, you can add small pieces of tumbled crystals to the bottom of your spray bottle. Not only will the essential oils smell wonderful but those crystals will raise the energetic vibration of the room.

Using these room sprays will of course, make your room smell wonderful. However, these sprays also come with a handful of other benefits. Creating a homemade essential oil spray allows you to personalize your space, add purpose and intention to each room, and help you connect to your home on a much deeper level.

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At Home Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes

To create your own essential oil room spray, there are certain supplies you will need to have on hand. Those supplies include: small spray bottles (these can be purchased at dollar stores, online, or if you would prefer glass bottles, at a metaphysical shop), vodka (alcohol helps the water and oil mix better), filtered water, and your desired essential oils. Add two tablespoons of vodka to the spray bottle followed by your essential oils drops. Leave the solution as is for five to ten minutes. Then shake and fill the rest of the bottle up with your distilled water.

Before each use, give the bottle a quick shake and spray wherever you desire. If you don’t want to add alcohol to your mix, something like witch hazel is recommended – or you can just use the distilled water. Just keep in mind if you choose to do the latter, your mixture will need to be shaken well before spraying.

Create a Room Spray for Your Home Office

Does your home office need a little pick me up? Do you find it difficult to concentrate and stay on task? Then make sure your essential oil blend contains rosemary oil. This is known to uplift and energize – making it easier to be productive and get things done. Rosemary is motivating all on its own but for an extra hit of stimulation, add sweet basil essential oil as well. It relates to mental clarity and increased energy. To finish it all off, don’t forget cypress oil to combat feelings of stress and anxiety. Add 6 drops of rosemary, 5 drops of sweet basil, and 3 drops of cypress to perfect your at home blend.

Get a Better Sleep with a Spray for the Bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, ideally you want to encourage an environment that is relaxing, peaceful, and will prepare you for a good night of sleep. That means lavender is an absolute must! This essential oil is known to promote tranquility and peacefulness. There are many types of room sprays out there but for a scent that is balanced and relaxing…add in cedarwood as well. It can reduce feelings of stress and worry. Next, reach for eucalyptus essential oil to cleanse and purify the air in your bedroom. For this spray, add 6 drops of lavender, 2 drops of cedarwood, and 2 drops of eucalyptus. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for a good night of rest.

Liven Up Your Kitchen with this Recipe

Make sure your kitchen smells amazing with essential oils. This next room spray recipe makes use of citrus scents like lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Lemon oil is energy boosting (and is also anti-microbial) while orange is cheerful yet calming, and grapefruit essential oil reduces stress. You want your kitchen to be a bright and happy place. With this blend of essential oils…it will be. These citrus scents will brighten your day and make every meal one to remember. Create your blend by adding 5 drops of lemon, 4 drops of orange, and 2 drops of grapefruit to your spray bottle for best results.

Give Your Living Room a Boost with These Oils

Another room that might need a little TLC is your living room. This place is meant to be cozy and comfortable. So, nurture that feeling with a room spray specifically designed for this space. Keep it simple by blending ylang ylang and jasmine together. The combination is woodsy, grounded, and floral…which makes it possible to feel both supported and pampered. (Exactly how you want to feel in your most-used living space!) Ylang ylang is sweet, bright, and is said to comfort both the body and the mind. As for jasmine, it is said to balance emotions and reduce feelings of stress. Add 5 drops of ylang ylang and 5 drops of jasmine to your room spray to make sure your living room provides support and comfort. 

The options are endless when it comes to essential oil room sprays. If you want a bolder more intense scent…simply add more oil drops to your spray bottle. Alternatively, if you prefer something softer and less noticeable, use less.

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