Numerology and Your Life – What it is and How to Get Started

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Do you find meaning in numbers? Ever noticed a connection between life events and specific dates? Do you have a favourite number? Do you find yourself constantly seeing 11:11 every time you look at the clock? If you are someone that has felt drawn to numbers in one way or another…numerology might be of interest. It is essentially the study of numbers and what they mean in your life. For instance, factoring in your birth date, birth time, and even the number of letters in your name can reveal information about who you are. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to feel like a high school math test. In fact, numerology can be fascinating and fun. Here is a guide to help you get started. Find out what it is and how you can incorporate it into your life.

What is Numerology?

Numerology has a long and noteworthy history. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, studied the connection between numbers, letters, and the natural world. This practice was also part of ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures as well. Though there have been many different theories regarding numerology throughout history, in current society, the most commonly practiced version is Western Numerology. This is largely based on Pythagoras and his theory that numbers can be linked to letters in order to reveal a deeper meaning.

Numerology has a rich and enduring history but just what is numerology? It has to do with the way the numbers relate to who we are – and how they relate to our spiritual path. It has been dubbed a “spiritual science” and is used to learn more about the inner self. For instance, both your birth name and birth date reveal important information. Just a little bit of math is required to figure it all out! Birth date numerology encompasses your birthday number, life path number, and attitude number. Your birth name relates to your personality number and power number.

It is believed that numerology can reveal what will happen in relationships, finances, health, and so on. The idea is that when you understand your own personal numbers (and what those numbers mean) you can make informed life choices. This allows you to focus on what really matters…while letting go of everything else.

How to Get Started

Does numerology sound intriguing? Then the only thing left to do is get started. Whether you want to find out information based on your birth name, birth date, or both…you can. It only takes a few minutes to do the math.

Birth Date Numerology and Life Path Number

When it comes to your birth date, it factors into a number of areas. That includes your birthday number, life path number, and attitude number. One of the most commonly sought out numbers in this area is the life path number. This relates to your strengths, weaknesses, and overall life purpose. Additionally, it can provide information on events in your life – past, present, and future. To determine your life path number, you need to do some math to reduce your birth date to one number. An example? Say you were both on September 5th, 1980.

The number for September is 9. (If you were born in a double-digit month you would add the numbers together. For instance, October would be 1+ 0 = 1)

The date is 5. (Again, if it is a double-digit number, you add those numbers together. If you were born on the 21st, it would be 2 + 1 = 3)

The year is 1980, so it would be 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18. From there, that number is reduced again to 1 + 8 = 9.

Once that is done, add your numbers together. In the example for September 5th, 1980, it would be 9 + 5 + 9 = 23. That becomes 2 + 3 = 5. That means your life path number would be 5.

What Your Life Path Number Means

Though it may seem confusing at first, it becomes more straightforward the more you do it. Once you have your life path number, it is important to understand what it means. Here are some basic interpretations on each of the life path numbers:

  1. This number represents someone who has an independent spirit and doesn’t blend in with the crowd. They are ideal for leadership positions.
  2. Balanced and sensitive, this person likes to see both sides of the coin. They are fair and trustworthy in all situations.
  3. The number three represents creativity and an artistic spirit. This person is joyful and people often gravitate towards them.
  4. This is a serious, no-nonsense type of person. They are incredibly hard working and pride themselves on being practical.
  5. Adventurous and outgoing best describes the holder of this life path number. They are charming and spontaneous.
  6. Connection to children and animals is common for people with this number. They are nurturing and empathetic.
  7. Mysterious and difficult to get a read on is the best way to describe those with number seven. They are often detail-oriented and have perfectionist qualities.
  8. This number is all about the best of the best. Think nice cars, a beautiful home, and material possessions. They are ambitious and like to achieve goals.
  9. The last number is someone who is helpful and has an old soul kind of mentality. They tend to be especially helpful to others. 

Birth Name Numerology and Personality Number

Your given name (the name you were given at birth, regardless of whether you changed your name somewhere along the line) can also reveal interesting information about your path. This name can reveal both your personality number and power number. Want to determine your personality number? It highlights the parts of your personality that you choose to show the world. This number can also reveal the way other people see you.

The number is determined using the consonants in your birth name. By comparing those letters to a Pythagorean Numerology chart, you can then add up and break down the numbers until you eventually get a single digit number. The process of breaking down the numbers is similar to the life path number process. For example, if you end up with a 25, you would break that down to 2 + 5 = 7.

The Pythagorean chart to determine the birth name number can be seen below. Alternatively, you can also visit a website that will calculate your personality number for you.

Pythagorean chart

What Your Personality Number Means

Now that you have determined your personality number (either by doing the math or using an online calculator), it is time to find out what that number is actually saying. Remember, your personality number relates to your outward personality and how others perceive you. Here is some basic information on each potential number:

  1. This number represents leadership. People who have this personality number tend to be viewed as strong-willed, goal oriented, and opinionated.
  2. Trustworthy and compassionate are the best words used to describe this number. Others view them as indecisive but kind.
  3. Creative types are often number threes. They are seen as seekers of the spotlight with impressive storytelling abilities.
  4. Those with a personality number of four are often strong and sturdy. They are seen as serious and studious.
  5. Charming and charismatic people often fall into this category. They are seen as fun and adventurous – but can also be deemed flaky or inconsistent.
  6. If you are nurturing and caring, then six is likely your number. People often see sixes as responsible, loving, and giving.
  7. People with this personality number tend to be smart and introverted. Outsides view sevens as being distant or too intelligent.
  8. Strong willed and determined is the best way to describe this number. They are seen as confident, intimidating, and are often in charge.
  9. Someone with a lot of wisdom and integrity often has this number. They are viewed as being inspiring and influential – but sometimes a bit showy.

When it comes to numerology, there are many ways to find out more. Your life path number and personality number are only the beginning. Use them as a jumping off point on your journey towards a deeper level of self-discovery and personal awareness.

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