Crystals and Your Technological Devices – What You Need to Know

technology and crystals

Technology is an unavoidable part of modern-day society. While there are countless debates about whether technological advances help or hinder…technology is and will continue to be a part of our collective lives. Where do crystals come in? Many stones are protective, grounding, and supportive. They have the ability to reduce issues related to constant use or an over-reliance on technological devices. Not to mention EMF radiation. If you have been searching for a little balance when it comes to electronics, look no further. This guide will show you which crystals are most beneficial – and how to add them into your daily routine.

Technological Devices and the New Age Community

technological devices

Technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even light workers and people in the new age community can use technology to benefit their lives and practices. Whether that means shopping online for crystals, looking up information on a specific topic, ordering educational books, getting a virtual reading, or becoming involved in an online community related to a specific interest….there are countless ways to utilize technology in a positive way. However, when it comes to our technological devices, there are also potential issues that can arise.

In some circles, technology has a less than stellar reputation thanks to the very real issue of Internet addiction. There is also a growing over-reliance on cell phones and apps to obtain basic information. Many people no longer know their loved ones phone numbers and struggle to tackle basic math questions without assistance. Instead, they turn to electronic devices for absolutely everything. This isn’t necessarily a problem…unless the power goes out or the phone battery dies.

Should EMF Be a Concern?

Another growing concern is EMF or electromagnetic frequency radiation. These are essentially invisible rays of energy. (Like the rays of energy that come naturally from the sun.) At some point, scientists discovered that things like power lines and lighting transmitted EMF. These days, that list also includes personal devices, including microwaves, computers, and cell phones. Could these beloved technological devices be dangerous to our overall health? Though EMF danger levels are considered to be extremely low…many experts still suggest limiting or being mindful of your exposure levels.

There are two different types of EMF: low-level radiation and high-level radiation. Low-level radiation is thought to be mild and relatively harmless to human beings. (It includes personal appliances, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, and computers.) High-level radiation on the other hand, is far more dangerous. (It includes X-ray machines and ultraviolet light.) Though in general, low-level radiation EMF doesn’t need to be a concern, the reality is that many are concerned.

Use Crystals for Protection and Grounding

Crystals have many purposes. They can be used to add colour and interest to your home decor. They can be used to promote feelings of self-worth and confidence. In addition, they can be used for grounding and to protect yourself against EMFs and technological devices. Certain stones are also believed to be supportive for those dealing with addiction issues. Whether you are looking for additional energetic support or want to feel safe and protected…there are crystals that can be a beneficial addition to your lifestyle.

Protect Yourself with These Stones

Not sure what crystals you need? This list will be especially helpful. In fact, you may already have some of these in your collection! If not, don’t worry. They are all fairly easy to locate in a nearby metaphysical or crystal shop.

  • Crystals for EMF Protection: If you are concerned about EMF radiation, there are certain crystals to place on or near your electronics. (Placing a large raw piece or a tumbled stone on your cell phone at night can be effective. Or consider keeping a crystal on your desk during the day.) The most popular choices for this purpose are: black tourmaline, shungite, and hematite. Each one has the ability to protect and transmute negative energy.
  • Crystals for Electronic Addiction: Those struggling with an addiction to the Internet, to cell phone games, or any other electronic device may require additional support to find balance. Along with necessary treatment (which may involve group meetings or therapy if the issue is severe), crystals can also be of service. Stones for this purpose include: amethyst, lepidolite, fire agate, and carnelian. They can assist in balancing mood swings and easing mental withdrawal symptoms. Wear a piece of crystal jewelry for consistent support or carry a tumbled piece in your front pocket.
  • Crystals for Grounding and Support: Sometimes, overuse or over-reliance on technological devices can be the result of feeling ungrounded. When you are deeply rooted and feel supported…you are less likely to live in excess. Start by meditating with or holding onto these grounding crystals. Some noteworthy suggestions include: smokey quartz, red jasper, obsidian, and tiger’s eye. Adding them to your life can be beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit. When in doubt, make use of a crystal for grounding.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected. Even while making the most of technological devices! With the addition of these crystals to your collection and day-to-day life…. you can breathe a little easier and enjoy your electronic must-haves.

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