Aura Colours – Common Colours and What They Represent


What colour is your aura? And what does that colour mean? Maybe in the past, someone has offered to give you a detailed aura reading. Or perhaps a well-intentioned friend or co-worker described your aura colour. You might have read books on the subject or tried time and time again to see the auras of others. This fascinating subject has just as many believers as it does doubters. Remember, just because you can’t see auras (yet) doesn’t mean they aren’t there. When it comes to aura colours, each has a specific meaning. Whether you are currently developing your aura reading skills or you plan to visit an expert in the near future…consider the meanings behind the colours.

The Basics: What is the Aura?

Before understanding the meanings behind different aura colours, it is essential to have a general idea of what the aura actually is. In short? It is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body. Everyone has an aura, though not everyone can see it right away. It can require practice and dedication to enhance your awareness. (Read more about seeing and feeling the aura here on Spirit Earth Magazine.) The aura has seven layers in all. Each one has its own unique frequency and can reflect the thought patterns, emotional state, overall level of health, and behaviours of a person. When one auric layer is unbalanced, it can impact all of the other layers.

Something to keep in mind? An aura colour is not necessarily constant. It can change throughout the day based on life experiences, emotions, and so on. As your emotions change so does your aura colour. So, just because someone offered you an aura reading at one point or another does not mean that your aura colour will continue to be the same. 

Seven Auric Planes and Their Meanings

In all, there are seven layers or auric planes. The closest one to the body is the Physical Aura Plane or Etheric. It requires physical health and wellness in order to be in balance. When it is unbalanced, this layer of the aura tends to be darker in colour. Next is the Astral Aura Plane or Emotional. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and relates to feelings and emotions. During times of emotional turmoil, the colour can be muddy in appearance. Third is the Lower Mental Aura Plane or Mental. This has to do with your mental clarity and thoughts. The colour can be stronger in those who tend to over-think.

After that is the Higher Mental Aura Plane or Astral. It is connected to the heart chakra and is stronger when you feel loved. This is where higher-minded mental beliefs, such as self-love and unconditional love, are connected. The Spiritual Aura Plane or Etheric Template is next. It has to do with connection to the physical world, such as your personality and overall identity. This layer becomes stronger when you are honest and open about who you are.

Sixth is the Intuitional Aura Plane or Celestial, which is all about dreams and intuition. It also has to do to spiritual awareness and represents a connection to the Divine. The last layer in the aura is the Absolute Aura Plane or Ketheric. This is the furthest away from the physical body and represents being one with the universe. 

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Common Aura Colours and What They Represent

Aura colours have the ability to reveal important information about a person. These colours can express mood, emotional state, and overall health. Each colour can be light and vibrant or dark and dim. That is why precision is important when it comes to an aura reading. Even the slightest shade difference can impact the accuracy. So be mindful and pay close attention.

Colours and Their Meanings

Many colours can appear during a reading. Including rainbow colours! If an aura is rainbow coloured, that indicates the person is either an energy healer or is very spiritually connected. More commonly seen colours include:

  • Red: Someone with a red aura is likely passionate and strong-willed. Dark red represents being grounded and realistic while bright red has to do with passion and energy. Muddy or cloudy red relates to negative energy and a desire to hold onto anger.
  • White: This aura colour has to do with purity and a high level of spirituality. It is also traditionally thought to represent the presence of angels nearby.
  • Black: If your aura is black, then you likely have difficulty forgiving others or you are holding onto grief. Alternatively, it may represent a health issue in the body. Grey on the other hand has to do with a blockage of energy or living life with your guard up.
  • Purple: A purple aura has to do with wisdom and spirituality. Violet specifically represents someone that is idealistic, creative, and intuitive. Indigo has to do with spirituality, higher truths, and anything related to the nonphysical world.
  • Blue: Though there are many aura colours, this one has a connection to the throat. Soft blue speaks to peacefulness, communication, and honesty while bright blue has to do with generosity and new opportunities. Dark or muddy blue is related to difficulties surrounding self-expression and a fear of speaking the truth.

Even More Aura Colours

  • Green: This aura colour is all about a connection to nature along with growth and balance. Light green has to do with healing, yellow-green relates to creativity and communication, and forest green indicates healing qualities. Alternatively, dark green indicates that you hold onto a lot of resentment or are jealous in nature.
  • Yellow: If your aura is yellow, it generally means that you are connected to life and have a playful spirit. Light yellow represents optimism and hope while lemon yellow has ties to fears of loss. Dark yellow on the other hand, has to do with pressure or feeling overworked or stressed out.
  • Orange: When it comes to orange, this has to do with the reproductive organs and the emotions surrounding them. Bright orange has to do with good health, living the life to the fullest, and productivity. An orange-yellow aura represents being detail-oriented and exhibiting perfectionist tendencies.
  • Silver: This has to do with abundance in both the physical and spiritual realm. It can indicate that you are receptive to new ideas or that you are especially intuitive.
  • Gold: Gold is the colour of enlightenment. It represents that someone is living up to their highest and truest potential – and is being led by divine guidance.

Never underestimate the importance of details. Especially when it comes to aura colours! Whether an aura appears to be a bold, bright yellow or a muddy, cloudy yellow can completely alter the meaning. So, be aware and do your best. The more you practice… the more precise and accurate your readings will become.

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