5 Natural Remedies to Supplement Your Medicine Cabinet

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Feeling under the weather? Stressed or out of sorts? There are many reasons to look into medications and other types of healing modalities. After all, everyone wants to feel rested, relaxed, and vibrantly healthy. Though there are benefits to both traditional and holistic medications, natural remedies should also be considered. Just think of the possibilities! A wide variety of flowers, plants, and herbs have been found to be beneficial to the body. Whether you are struggling with digestive problems or chronic stress…something au natural can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life. Ready to learn more? Here are 5 natural remedies to supplement your existing medicine cabinet.

Why Consider Natural Remedies?

Certain things work for certain people. For instance, a prescription medication may work wonders for one person and not be effective on another. While traditional medicine is undeniably important…sometimes more minor issues can be handled naturally. These natural remedies can be effective but also tend to be more affordable and accessible. In fact, many of the items on this list will already be in your household or can easily be obtained. Yes, there are several reasons to consider reaching for natural alternatives. What should you choose? And when? Keep reading for a number of possibilities. Each one can be beneficial for different aches, pains, and concerns. Just remember to listen to your body. Pay attention, trust your intuition, and always take the appropriate next steps if a natural remedy isn’t offering relief.

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Use Peppermint and Cilantro to Improve Digestion

Stomach problems can be uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with. Thankfully, there are a few natural remedies that can help relieve unwanted symptoms. Peppermint and cilantro are just two examples. Most of us are familiar with peppermint flavours, as they can be found in everything from mints to chewing gum to toothpaste. However, peppermint does more than freshen your breath. It can also settle the stomach, relieve indigestion and ease nausea. Studies indicate that peppermint relaxes the digestive system, which can relieve pain and bloating. For best results, try making yourself a cup of peppermint tea when your stomach is bothering you.

Cilantro is another remedy that can address digestive concerns. It is thought to prevent nausea, bloating, and gas. Cilantro has also been linked to reduced indigestion and it can even ease stomach cramps. Love spicy foods but find them tough on your stomach? Try adding cilantro to a hot dish to reduce the likelihood of indigestion and heartburn. Alternatively, you can add cilantro to smoothies, salads, and soups.

Let Lavender Lower Your Stress Levels

Sometimes, life can seem overwhelming. Certain situations cause anxiety and stress to take over…which is never enjoyable. That doesn’t mean you need to struggle through. Lavender is one of many natural remedies that has been found to effectively balance out stress levels. In fact, lavender is well-known for calming and relaxing the nervous system. Some studies indicate that lavender oil can be beneficial for treating sleep conditions like insomnia, as well as other issues like anxiety, stress, and general restlessness. Best of all? Lavender smells incredible. There are many ways to incorporate lavender into your day and de-stress.

A few examples? Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath (there are many essential oil benefits to consider) or into your diffuser to enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy treatment. A lavender infused pillow spray is another wonderful option. Why? It can help you calm down before you fall asleep at night. Or you can keep fresh lavender in any stressful spaces, such as a home office. The beautiful colour and incredible scent will make everything seem a little lighter.

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Relieve Pain with Ginger and Turmeric

No one wants to experience pain of any sort. Thankfully, there are certain remedies that can make pain a little easier to handle. Take ginger and turmeric as examples. These are thought to contain active ingredients that can provide relief to various types of pain. Especially pain caused by arthritis, headaches, muscles, and exercise-related injuries. Ginger specifically has been found to reduce pain caused by inflammation.

Want to reduce pain? There are many different ways to incorporate either ginger or turmeric into your diet. Or both! Just in case you are looking for an extra dose of pain-relieving power. Ginger and turmeric can be enjoyed in a hot cup of tea, they can be added to broth for a delicious and effective soup, and they can even be added to juice.

Reduce Rashes and Skin Concerns with Calendula

Natural remedies with flowers have been used for decades. Just think about the Bach Flower Remedies that have been around since the 1930’s. Not only are these products beloved by a host of A-list celebrities but they have helped many people around the globe. Are you looking to incorporate flowers into your everyday life? Then don’t overlook calendula. This is also known as pot marigold and it has been linked to several health benefits. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory that has been found to help treat a number of skin conditions. That includes rashes and skin concerns related to acne and eczema.

There are a few ways to use calendula. For starters, you can always purchase calendula oil or specific products that contain calendula. Or you can make your own calendula oil at home using dried calendula flowers and olive oil. Another option is to create a topical skin care cream. (Read more about both here.) Once you have your calendula oil prepared and diluted…it can be added to your skin care routine as needed.

Fight Fatigue and Strengthen Immune System with Ginseng

Feeling tired? Want more energy? If extra shut eye doesn’t seem to be making a difference, it may be time to consider natural remedies instead. Ginseng is one noteworthy option. There are several health benefits associated with this plant. One relates to an improved immune system…though additional research needs to be done on this topic in future. Another benefit is increased energy levels. It’s true! Many studies have indicated that ginseng can help fight chronic fatigue and elevate overall energy levels.

When it comes to adding ginseng to your diet, nothing could be easier! Ginseng root can actually be eaten raw. Or if you would prefer something a little bit different, try adding it to tea. Ginseng can even be added into soups and stews. Get creative and enjoy that additional energy.

There are many natural remedies to try. It all depends on what you need at the given moment. Experiencing stomach issues? Stress? Skin concerns? Fatigue? Pain? Several varieties of plants, herbs, and flowers can be used to aid and assist.

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