Crystals for Productivity – Finish Your to Do List Faster!

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There is always so much to be done once December hits. Though there may not be as many physical get-togethers this year…there are bound to be just as many virtual gatherings. Not to mention everything else that needs to be checked off the list by the end of the year! Maybe you set some goals for yourself that haven’t quite come to fruition or perhaps a massive amount of holiday-related tasks are looming. One thing is certain: December is a time where productivity counts. Struggling to find your focus? To shift gears and get everything done that you want or need to complete? Not to worry. A few intentional crystals can be extremely beneficial. These are the best crystals for productivity. They are sure to make this month positive and productive.

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Crystals for Productivity – Use Tiger’s Eye for Grounding

There are many reasons it can be difficult to focus on a particular task. Whenever you are overwhelmed or your thoughts are scattered…ground. Grounding is a process of connecting to the earth. Feeling rooted and secure. There are many benefits to grounding. In fact, it has been linked to reduced anxiety levels and a deeper connection to self. Crystals can be a wonderful way to ground. The right stone has the ability to make you more present and conscious. Take tiger’s eye as an example. There are many healing properties related to this beautiful stone. It is typically made up of rich golden browns and deep red bands. Not only is it pleasant to look at but it can contribute to a more grounded and peaceful state.

Tiger’s eye connects you to the earth and stabilizes strong emotions. That stability makes it easier to concentrate on one specific task. This crystal also boosts self-confidence. Having an extra dose of confidence alleviates the self-doubt that can often slow down productivity.

Reach for Tourmaline Quartz for Breakthroughs

When it comes to crystals for productivity, one to consider is tourmaline quartz. This type of stone is a form of clear quartz that has naturally occurring inclusions of black tourmaline. The combination is powerful and aesthetically pleasing. One of the biggest roadblocks to productivity is that feeling of being stuck. Maybe there is a seasonally inspired creative project you need to work on. Or a school assignment due or a report to write for a client. All of these tasks need to be completed…whether or not you are feeling blocked. Use tourmaline quartz to experience breakthroughs.

Keep a piece nearby while you work or start your day with a short meditation. For the latter, hold onto the tourmaline quartz while you meditate and embrace breakthroughs and added focus. Bonus? This crystal releases the negative thoughts that may be holding you back from being productive.

Consider Citrine to Attract Success

Is your mind focused on success and happiness? Or are you thinking about checking things off of your to do list as quickly as possible? Attract prosperity and ease with citrine. This is often referred to as “The Stone of Success” and is even believed to help you find your true life purpose. It doesn’t end there! Citrine has also been linked to creativity, imagination, manifestation, a joyful attitude, and success. Additionally, citrine enhances concentration and increases motivation. On days that you are struggling to achieve or feel like nothing is turning out right…this is one of the best crystals for productivity. It can improve your overall experience as well as the end result.

Try wearing a piece of citrine jewellery or keep a small tumbled stone in your pocket as you go about your day. Simply having this bright and sunny stone nearby can increase your productivity in some seriously incredible ways.

flourite crystal

Use Fluorite for Mental Focus

There are many crystals for productivity that can be incorporated into your day-to-day life. This month, fluorite may be exactly what you need. It comes in many different colours and is thought to be the best crystal when it comes to mental focus. Fluorite is ideal for situations where you feel out of sorts or hopelessly distracted. (Like the days where anything and everything except the task at hand sounds appealing. Even cleaning the stove or doing laundry!) This stone helps to improve your concentration, increase mental abilities, and tackle mental blocks. That leads to an increased ability to focus on what you need to focus on.

Fluorite can also be beneficial when you feel stressed. December is a wonderful month but there is also a lot of stress associated with this time of year. So, hold onto a piece of fluorite when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused. It can make everything just a little bit easier.

Other Crystals for Productivity

Still searching for a stone that works for you? Something that will make it possible to achieve everything you want to achieve? Not to worry. There are several options to consider, including: clear quartz (for added focus), green aventurine (for prosperity and to reduce feelings of anxiety), hematite (for energy and optimism), garnet (to reduce outside distractions), and selenite (to remove negative energy that might be slowing you down). Choose a crystal from your collection or visit your local metaphysical shop for added productivity!

It isn’t always easy to focus on the task at hand. Especially when there is so much to do. The reality is that December is often a mixture of special seasonal moments and overwhelm. Limit those overwhelming moments with grounding, breakthroughs, success, and mental focus. These crystals for productivity will help make this a month to remember. Happy holidays!

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