Add Spirituality to Your Planner – Start Each Week with Positivity

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It is time for a fresh start. This is the perfect opportunity to refocus your mind and wipe the slate clean. Are there certain goals you have in mind for the year ahead? Do you want to incorporate more spirituality and personal growth into the next several months? In order to turn your resolutions, goals, and ambitions into reality…it is important to be purposeful. That may mean coming up with short-term and long-term goals. Or it may mean tracking certain tasks regularly. Not sure where to start? Consider this: you can always add spirituality to your daily planner. It has never been easier to start each and every week with an extra dose of positivity and purpose.

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Why Add Spirituality to Your Planner?

Every year, people around the globe spend the last days of December and the early days of January making plans and setting goals. The most common New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and quit smoking…but what about spirituality? Personal development? There are plenty of growth-related goals to work towards. Like increased self-confidence, a more positive state of mind or even learning more about essential oils, tarot reading and crystal healing. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to suit your own personal objectives.

The easiest way to get started is with your daily planner. It may sound a bit odd, but you look at your planner multiple times per day. What better way to remind yourself of your goals? Make this the year that you accomplish everything you want to. Here are a few different ways to start adding spirituality to your planner.

Create a Different Mantra for Each Week

First thing is first. It doesn’t matter what kind of planner you choose. It can be something simple and small or oversized with lots of extra pages, stickers, and spots to doodle. Whatever you have can work! It’s all about taking a little extra time to put purpose and intention into those pages. One way to add spirituality to your planner is to create a focused mantra.

Each Sunday, set aside a small amount of time. Sit down and really think about what you hope to achieve that week. Not just your goals or your to do list…but your mindset. How do you hope to react in stressful situations? How will you re-center yourself? The mantra can be one word, a few words, or a full sentence. Write it in big bold letters at the top of the page. Refer to that mantra throughout the week. It will help you feel more grounded and focused – and remind you of the goals you are working towards. Some suggested mantras include:

  • Productive and Positive: “This week, I will be productive and positive.”
  • Focused and Driven: “This week, I will be focused and driven.”

Track Your Personal Growth and Spiritual Goals

Another way to add spirituality to your planner is to use those pages to track various spiritual goals. Want to meditate four times a week? Sage your home once a week? Read a certain number of Bible chapters? Learn about a different crystal every day? Journal for 10 minute each morning? Pencil it in. Or you can use a tracker (create your own or use habit tracker stickers) to mark your progress. This can be extremely helpful, especially as the week progresses. It will allow you to clearly see the areas that require a little more attention. You can also do a monthly or bi-weekly check in session with yourself to measure your progress.

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Incorporate Positive Affirmations into Your Planner

There is no right or wrong way to use your planner. It doesn’t have to be as simple as a checking off your daily tasks. There are a lot of ways to add spirituality and personal growth to your planner – and into your week. For example, why not write down some positive affirmations? Scribble them into the page margins or write one on each date.

Affirmations have been found to reduce stress levels and increase self-confidence. They also help keep you motivated and focused on your goals. Among other things! So, feel free to write your own or look for some that address specific concerns. Have a job interview coming up this week? Write something like: I am open to new and exciting opportunities. Want to eat healthier this week? Write something like: Healthy foods taste good to me. I love to nourish my body. There are affirmations for any and all scenarios. Don’t be afraid to add them to your planner this year!

Use Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection and Development

It is also possible to add positivity and purpose to your week by making the most of journaling prompts. They can be a wonderful way to express your feelings and process strong emotions. Ready to get started? All you need to do is write a journal prompt question at the bottom of your planner page for the week. It doesn’t matter when you answer the question. You have all week to squeeze it into your schedule! If your planner has extra note pages…use those for the journal prompts. Otherwise, you can always grab some paper and just start writing. Remember: your planner is important because it acts as a reminder to make time for you. This is an opportunity to let it all out in a safe space. A few suggestions to help you get started include:

  • What is one thing I have always wanted to do but was too afraid to try?
  • How can I manage my time better this week?
  • Is there anyone I am still struggling to forgive?

Even More Ways to Add Spirituality to Your Planner

It is amazing how something as simple as a planner can enrich your life. Taking steps forward on your spiritual path has never been easier! Whatever your specific spiritual and personal goals may be…use your planner as a space to give them life. Write them down, track them, and make them a priority this year. Other ways to incorporate a little spirituality? Use stickers, pictures, and colours to help you focus on your desires. (You can even choose colours that align with a specific chakra. For instance, if your root chakra feels out of over active or under active, use red ink or red stickers as a reminder to ground and balance.) Planners can also be used to track moon phases or let you know when to cleanse your crystals.

Plan for emotional, physical, and spiritual success this year. After all, you deserve it! There is no easier way to add spirituality to your life than with a planner that is focused on positivity and purpose. Happy New Year!

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