Valentine’s Day Crystals – Stones for Love and Romance

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It is a time associated with romance, candy and flowers. Some people celebrate the holiday with a significant other, others with family or friends, and some enjoy the holiday solo. Similarly, some people curl up on the couch watching rom-coms and others enjoy a fancy meal. There are so many ways to celebrate! The most important thing to focus on this Valentine’s Day? Love. Whether you are struggling with self-love or want to attract romance into your life…this is the perfect time to focus on Valentine’s Day crystals.  These suggestions will make sure your month is all about love.

Valentine’s Day Crystals – How to Get Started

The holiday is normally associated with fancy chocolates in heart shaped boxes, bouquets of roses, themed cards with thoughtful messages and romantic films. But what about crystals? Though crystals may not seem like the obvious choice…they can be just as beneficial. There is something to be said about feeling grounded, secure, confident, and positive. Especially on a holiday! Not sure how to get started? Which crystals to use or how to incorporate them into your seasonal celebration? Keep reading and reach for one of the Valentine’s Day crystals on this list.

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Best Crystals for Self-Love

Despite what most songs on the radio would lead you to believe…there is more than one type of love. Of course, romantic love is noteworthy and special. However, self-love is equally important. Self-love means taking care of yourself and prioritizing your needs. It means learning to love, accept, and approve of yourself exactly as you are. Some days, that is easier to do than others. Do you find yourself struggling with feelings of self-love lately? These crystals can help deepen feelings of self-love and confidence.

  • Rose Quartz. No list of Valentine’s Day crystals would be complete without rose quartz. There is a reason this stone is considered the stone of love. Not only does it have a beautiful soft pink colour (which is idea for this particular holiday) but it can work wonders on your emotional wellbeing. Rose quartz is believed to increase feelings of self-love, help you find a deeper level of compassion for yourself, and mend a broken heart. It is a gentle and nurturing stone that can be used by all. Hold a piece of rose quartz during a morning meditation, keep it nearby during your Valentine’s Day festivities, or wear a rose quartz necklace.
  • Rhodochrosite. Another beautiful pink stone is rhodochrosite. Not only does it look stunning but it is also associated with healing. If there are any old hurts or judgements that you are ready to let go of…use this crystal to heal and move forward. Hold a piece in your hand and focus your intention on forgiveness, compassion, and release. Breathe deeply and repeat for as long as you feel necessary. This process of healing will allow you to welcome in new feelings of self-love. Incorporate rhodochrosite into your celebration by wearing stylish accessories or keeping a small tumbled stone in your pocket throughout the day.
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Best Crystals for Romance

Ahh…romance. It is certainly the type of love that is most associated with Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you have someone special in your life right now or you want to attract a love relationship into your life in future. There are many Valentine’s Day crystals that can help open your heart to love, romance, and passion. Here are a few to reach for this holiday.

  • Emerald. This stone is often referred to as the stone of successful love. It encourages loyalty and unity. It is a wonderful crystal that can deepen existing relationships. This gorgeous stone is linked to the heart chakra and is believed to heal emotional wounds…which is beneficial if you are still holding onto past hurts. Emerald also promotes good fortune and abundance. Add it to your Valentine’s Day celebration by wearing a pair of emerald earrings or place a piece of emerald (either tumbled or raw) somewhere in your home. This will promote feelings of domestic bliss as you and your significant other enjoy the holiday together.
  • Orange Calcite. Another stone for romantic love is orange calcite. This crystal is often linked to romantic relationships because it can help you forgive and move forward. It can also reduce emotional fears. That makes it possible to put your best foot forward and really give the relationship your all. In a new relationship? Orange calcite is the best stone to have on hand. This crystal makes it easier to overcome shyness and uncertainty during the early stages of love and dating. Place a piece of orange calcite wherever you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Or use an orange calcite candle holder to set the mood and enjoy the many healing properties associated with this stone.

Crystals for Family and Friend Relationships

Still searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day crystals? There are many associated with self-love and romantic relationships…but what about family and friends? Here are a few more suggestions: ruby (to heal past issues with family members), jade (to bring stability to all relationships), blue lace agate (for tranquility in friendships), malachite (to stimulate faithfulness and honesty), and carnelian (to ground your love relationships and remove destructive emotions). Look through your crystal collection or visit a local metaphysical shop to find Valentine’s Day crystals that suit your specific needs this month.

This Valentine’s Day…make sure all your love relationships are balanced and joyful. Just put these beautiful and nurturing stones to use. The holiday will be certainly be one to remember!

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