5 Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

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Have you grown sick and tired of being indoors? Of the same old walls? Life has changed a lot over the last year or so. Most time is spent inside and away from others. That can be isolating…but it can also make it difficult to connect to nature in the same way. Not to worry. There are several solutions. For instance, you can always listen to a guided nature meditation or decorate your home with outdoor photographs. Another option? Add indoor plants to your space. There are so many benefits to consider. Here are five reasons to add lush green plants to your shopping list.

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Reason #1: Indoor Plants Bring the Outside In

Maybe you are someone who struggles during the winter months. You are not alone! Many people experience feelings of depression and isolation at this time of year. Whether it has to do with the chilly temperatures, post-holiday blues, or anything in between…it happens. Thankfully, the addition of an indoor plant (or two) can reduce the winter blues. According to an article on houseplants, the spider plant, Chinese money plant, and tillandsia air plants are all excellent ways to bring the outside in. They can make you feel safe and grounded. They can also remind you that even in the midst of a difficult season, there is always beauty to be found.

There is no doubt about it. Bringing the outside in is an absolute must. Your home will look incredible with all of those gorgeous plants. Plus, it will make the winter months much easier to handle. Find indoor plants that suit your space and make you smile.

Reason #2: Improved Air Quality

Take a deep breath. Are you missing all of that wonderful fresh air? Do your best to add it into your living space with indoor plants. Studies have found that plants remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the air. VOCs can include formaldehyde (which can be found in rugs, vinyl, and even grocery bags) as well as benzene and trichloroethylene (which can be found in man-mad fibers and paints). Adding plants to your home can improve overall air quality…and help you breathe a little easier.

It doesn’t end there. Indoor plants can also increase humidity levels. This is especially important for those living in a home with low humidity. That can cause issues like dry skin, dry hair and even static electricity. Adding a few plants to each room can make a noticeable difference.

Reason #3: Indoor Plants Increase Focus

More people than ever are working from home. Or are spending additional time indoors. That can make it even more difficult to achieve a work/life balance. It can also create concentration issues. The good news? Indoor plants have actually been linked to increased focus and productivity. Multiple studies have shown that rooms with plants (whether those rooms happen to be your home office, work space, or even your living room) tend to boost creativity and attentiveness. That means a few thoughtful additions to your home can actually make it easier for you to work, create and tackle your to do list.

There are many ways to enrich your home work space. Some plant suggestions include devil’s ivy (which comes in a variety of colours and is easy to care for), philodendrons (which have large leaves and a glossy coating), and the peace lily (which has a lovely name and doesn’t require a lot of light to thrive). Choose one or more to increase your focus.

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Reason #4: Beneficial to Mood

When your home looks good…you just feel better being in it. It makes you stand a little taller and feel a little brighter. The reality is that indoor plants can actually be beneficial to your overall mood. Plants have a way of making people feel happy and cheerful. Choosing them, displaying them, and taking care of them can give you a deeper sense of purpose and joy.  That connection to nature cannot be denied. The right plant can make your house feel energetically lighter.

Feel weighted down by emotion lately? Feeling stuck in your space? Add a few indoor plants to the rooms you frequent most. You will likely feel the shift right away. One glance at those striking green leaves and everything will seem a little sunnier.

Reason #5: Indoor Plants Have Health Benefits

Studies have shown that there are many health benefits associated with indoor plants. Plants have been found to reduce the muscle tension often related to stress. That means you can feel calmer and more relaxed. There is just something about nature that makes you feel good! House plants have the ability to make you more comfortable and at ease. Not to mention other studies that indicate plants can reduce the severity of headaches, make you less tired, and keep sore throats and colds at bay. There are so many potential health benefits to consider.

Not sure where to start? Add indoor plants to your bedroom, home office, and living room for the best results. These rooms tend to be used most often. That means you can enjoy all of the many benefits as regularly as possible.

There are so many reasons to add indoor plants to your home. Whether you are looking for an extra boost in your mood or want to enjoy the many physical benefits…there has never been a better time to appreciate nature.

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