Crystal Themed Beauty Products – Good or Gimmick?

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Crystals have many uses. Some people place these beautiful stones throughout their homes as decorative pieces. Others use crystals to heal or balance emotions. More recently? Numerous companies have incorporated crystals into their beauty products. From skin care to makeup to hair accessories…crystals are absolutely everywhere. The recent influx of crystal themed items raises several questions. For instance, are these products actually good? Or are they nothing more than a marketing gimmick targeted towards crystal enthusiasts? It is time to take a closer look at crystals and crystal themed products in the beauty industry.

Crystals and Beauty Products

The popularity of crystals has soared in recent years. Though there are many possible reasons for this (such as continued political unrest, the global pandemic, and the increased stresses of everyday life) one thing is certain: crystals and crystal healing are here to stay. There is no denying the increased popularity of crystals. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that beauty companies from around the globe have started to incorporate crystals into a wide array of beauty items. Some do this for aesthetic reasons but others make claims related to healing and relaxation. Keep reading for some product examples and a breakdown of this beauty trend.

jade roller rose quartz roller

All About Jade Rollers and Crystal Rollers

More recently, crystal rollers have become a must-have addition to many skin care routines. It all started with the jade roller. This duel-ended beauty item claimed to decrease puffiness on the face, soothe the skin, and distribute skin care products more effectively. Shortly after, crystal rollers of all kinds hit the shelves. There were amethyst rollers, rose quartz rollers, and tourmaline rollers. In addition to a host of skin care claims…many of these rollers also claim to infuse your skin care routine with healing and wholeness. For example, a rose quartz roller can open the heart and amethyst can reduce stress.

Do they work? In terms of the skin care benefits, evidence suggests that these rollers are beneficial at distributing lotions and creams on the skin. They can also be cooling and pleasant to use. However, as it relates to spiritual benefits, this is trickier. Why? Many jade rollers on the market are fake. They are not made with real jade and instead use dyed stone. (The same can be said for some of the other crystal roller varieties.) This means your skin care routine is unlikely to have the added bonus of emotional balance.

Crystal Themed Makeup vs. Crystal Infused Makeup

Elsewhere in the beauty industry, crystals have been making a splash with makeup products. There are so many examples of this. Aether Beauty has an eyeshadow palette with “radiance-boosting” rose quartz powder. Pacifica has a mascara that is “supercharged with quartz powder.” Urban Decay has their Stoned Vibes eyeshadow palette, which is “infused with genuine tourmaline to block bad energy and elevate your look.” Not to mention all of the different finishing sprays, blushes, and makeup brushes out there that feature lots of crystal claims.

When it comes to beauty products and crystals…be wary. Some brands use real crystals in their formulation. That means you can experience some of the emotional and energetic benefits of crystal healing with just a little bit of TLC. However, other products use crystals as a theme. Those products may have the same names or colours as the beautiful stones you love, but they do not contain any of those stones in the formulation. This makes a difference! Be sure to read all product claims closely. Just because something is named “Amethyst Dream,” doesn’t mean the item contains amethyst. Additionally, brush sets that claim to be inspired by noteworthy crystals are merely that: inspired.

crystal hair accessories

Crystals and Healing Hair Accessories

Those looking to add crystals to their beauty routine may be drawn to the many crystal hair accessories out there. From chunky labradorite hair clips to turquoise barrettes…it has never been easier to show the world your spiritual side. There are many affordable options, in drugstores, online shops, and metaphysical stores. Unfortunately, not all crystal hair accessories are made equally. Many cheaper hair pieces are made to look like crystals but they are not actually made from real crystals.

One example? You may come across a beautiful citrine coloured headband. It may even claim to be citrine inspired or list the healing properties associated with citrine. That headband is not necessarily authentic. The reality? There are an awful lot of crystal hair accessories that are made from dyed stones because they are much cheaper for companies to produce. As a result, those pieces will not have the healing properties you are after. Read all descriptions carefully or do a quick online search to verify. If you are experienced with crystals, you may be able to tell the difference between something real and fake automatically. If not, research, research, research! Otherwise, be sure to purchase your hair accessories from somewhere reputable. There may be some to choose from in your local metaphysical shop or you could even create your own.

Other Beauty Products with Crystals

It doesn’t end there. Beauty products that contain or are inspired by crystals are absolutely everywhere! There are also crystal infused lotions, serums, face masks and even crystal perfume rollers. That means it is possible to add healing and wellness to each and every part of your morning routine. Just be sure to take a close look at the ingredient list.

So…are crystal themed beauty product good or are they just another gimmick? The answer varies. Some products on the market seem to be intentional while others seem to be a quick and easy way for companies to make money. When it comes time to choose a product to add to your beauty routine, be mindful. Trust your instincts and shop accordingly!

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