Crystals for Psychic and Spiritual Clairvoyant Mediumship Development

spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities? Maybe you can predict certain events that will take place. Or you have strong gut feelings that always turn out to be right. Are you interested in spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development? Maybe you see what others around you cannot. There are many ways to elevate your natural born gifts and hone your skills. Just think about crystals! The intentional use of crystals can awaken or further develop your psychic and clairvoyant abilities. Keep reading to find out which are the most effective.

What is the Difference Between Psychic and Clairvoyant?

First thing is first. It is important to have a basic understanding of what it means to be psychic and what it means to be clairvoyant. Unlike the stereotypical idea of psychics (clear crystal balls, silk scarves, and over the top theatrics) …the actual practice is dramatically different. Being psychic doesn’t necessarily include all of those stereotypical ideas. Essentially, it is a person who has an extrasensory perception. This can include a wide array of abilities, such as channeling (bringing a spirit into your body), clairsentience (the ability to “feel” what is happening), clairaudience (the ability to “hear” information), claircognizance (the ability to “know”) and clairvoyance (the ability to “see”), among other things.

So…. what is the difference between psychic and clairvoyant? Psychic is the broader term while clairvoyant is the specific psychic ability. Clairvoyance comes from a French word that translates to “clear seeing.” No wonder this psychic ability relates to the third eye chakra! Someone who is clairvoyant is able to see energy in many different forms. For example, they may see energy through images, light, colour or even movement. When it comes to spiritual clairvoyant mediumship, this has to do with being sensitive and intuitive enough to see and receive information from the spiritual realm. Spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development is a process where that intuition is strengthened over time.

lapis lazuli stone

Crystals for Psychic and Spiritual Clairvoyant Mediumship Development

Remember, not all psychics have all psychic abilities! Some may have the ability to share information from the past, present, and future. Others may be able to “see” in their mind’s eye. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, keep in mind that some abilities may be naturally stronger than others. However, they can always become stronger. (Be sure to check out the Spirit Earth Magazine, “Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship Spiritual Development Class,” to find out more.) Crystals are a wonderful tool to enhance psychic abilities of all kinds.

  • Azurite. Those interested in increasing their psychic abilities should certainly have a piece of azurite nearby. The beautiful deep blue stone connects to the third eye chakra and is thought to stimulate psychic abilities, such as intuition and clairvoyance. Bonus? This crystal is also calming and can reduce the stresses and strains of day-to-day life. Hold onto this stone for 10-15 minutes to raise your psychic vibrations. Just be careful not to wear a piece of azurite all day, every day, as this can make you feel ungrounded.
  • Lapis Lazuli. The next stone is another showstopper. Not only is lapis lazuli visually appealing but it also has notable energetic benefits to consider. It is believed to increase confidence and make it easier to trust your intuition. It also aids in communication. For someone focused on improved psychic abilities, this is an absolute must.
  • Celestite. The meaning behind celestite? Heavenly or celestial. Those descriptors are all too fitting for this beautiful light blue crystal. Celestite is a high vibrational stone that activates the third eye charka and your inherent psychic abilities. It is also linked to clairvoyance and connecting with angels. For those interested in spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development, celestite is an extremely beneficial stone.
crystals for psychic development

Even More Crystals to Consider

The list doesn’t end there! When it comes to crystals for psychic and spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development, there are many possibilities to consider.

  • Shattuckite. This next stone comes in a different shades of blue, such as sky blue and dark blue. It is a crystal that enhances intuition, mediumship and psychic abilities. Shattuckite also makes it easier to speak the truth in a way that will not be hurtful to others. Meditate with a piece to receive images or messages from spirit guides and angels.
  • Opal. Known for its rainbow flashes and breathtaking beauty, opal has many benefits to consider. It inspires love and hope…among other things! Opal also supports clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. More specifically, wearing Owyhee blue opal expands energies for mediums, channels, and psychics.
  • Petalite. Another crystal to consider for psychic and spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development is petalite. This is a high vibrational stone with a balanced energy. It is believed to connect users to the spiritual realm and is ultra-protective. Additionally, petalite can be used to enhance clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy.

Other crystals linked to psychic abilities include: labradorite (helps with inner wisdom), fluorite (activates the third eye chakra), moonstone (connects to intuition), amethyst (develops psychic gifts and spiritual wisdom), and purple chalcedony (awakens your psychic abilities). When it comes to choosing a crystal, always trust your intuition. Certain stones on this list will speak to you more than others. Listen to that inner guidance!

There are many crystals for psychic and spiritual clairvoyant mediumship development. Choose something from your existing collection or head to a metaphysical shop to find that perfect stone. Whether you wear your crystal, meditate with it, hold onto it, or place a piece intentionally in your home…the results are sure to amaze.

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