Intermediate Crystals: Must-Have Stones Your Collection May Be Missing

intermediate crystals

Rose quartz? Check. Green aventurine? Check. Carnelian, amethyst, and clear quartz? Check, check, and check. There are many beginner-friendly crystals for enthusiasts of all levels to use and enjoy. These stones tend to be easy to work with and versatile. Not to mention beautiful and beneficial! Are you ready for something different? Or perhaps something slightly more advanced? Here are some must-have intermediate crystals that your current collection may be missing.

Why Add Intermediate Crystals to Your Collection

Everyone starts somewhere. When it comes to crystal healing, certain stones are often considered beginner friendly or starter stones. (Take a look at the Spirit Earth Magazine article, “Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know,” for examples.) As you become more comfortable working with crystals, your needs may start to shift and change. Maybe you feel drawn to something new. Or you are looking for a crystal that will target a more specific area of concern. Whatever the reason…there are many intermediate crystals to start adding to your day-to-day life. What you choose will depend entirely on your current needs.

Must-Have Stones to Consider

So…you feel ready to incorporate some more intermediate crystals into your spiritual work or meditation practice. There are so many to choose from! Here are a few must-haves to consider:

snowflake obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

There is no question where this particular crystal got its name. It is a rich black stone with flecks of white scattered throughout (those flecks of white resemble snowflakes). While snowflake obsidian is one of the more aesthetically pleasing intermediate crystals….it also has numerous healing properties. This is often referred to a stone of purity. Wondering why? It makes it easier to release stressful thought patterns and embrace positive thoughts instead. In addition, snowflake obsidian has powerful grounding properties, making it an ideal addition to your daily meditation practice. It is also extremely protective. Use this stone to transform stress and fear into something more positive and protective.


Though it isn’t hard to find a wide array of intermediate crystals at your local metaphysical store, one important crystal to keep a lookout for is angelite. This creamy sky-blue stone is ideal for those interested in pursuing angel therapy or focusing on spiritual communication.  Angelite promotes a deeper connection with your higher self and the spiritual realm. It is often used to heal after the loss of a loved one. This stone can provide healing for various types of grief, emotional distress, and loss. Angelite has also been found to enhance clairvoyance and make it easier to remember your dreams. Use this intermediate stone for communication and connection.


This next crystal stands out. It has a rich emerald green to blue-green colour that cannot be ignored! Something else that can’t be ignored? All of the emotional and physical benefits associated with dioptase. It creates more balance in your life. Feeling stressed? Overbooked? Always working but never getting ahead? Use this stone to achieve a sense of harmony while continuing to work towards your goals. Additionally, dioptase can increase energy levels and dissolve energetic blockages that may be slowing down your progress. This is an ideal stone for those searching for a better work/life balance.

Peach Moonstone

There are several types of moonstone to choose from. However, one that is especially useful is peach moonstone. It is a little more rare than other forms of moonstone, but it is well worth seeking out. It usually has a tan to light peach colour and is all about soothing strong emotions. Simply holding a piece of peach moonstone can alleviate the intensity of anxious, depressive, or angry thoughts and feelings. Peach moonstone has also been found to bring an added sense of peace and harmony to the user. It is thought to be a stone of fertility and love as well. Reach for peach moonstone when you want to feel calm and serene.

Black Tiger’s Eye

Perhaps you already have a piece of tiger’s eye in your crystal collection. What about black tiger’s eye? This stone is black but has flashes of that familiar warm golden colour. Best of all? It is all about overcoming. Black tiger’s eye makes it possible to overcome mental fatigue, anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs…. resulting in more confidence and hope for the future. Black tiger’s eye is an effective tool whenever you want to clear your mind and focus on what lies ahead. Use this stone when you are in need of extra motivation. It can really make a difference!

Cobalt Aura Quartz

There are so many different types of quartz…and they are all incredible. Cobalt aura quartz is especially intriguing thanks to that bold metallic blue finish. This is an intense and high-vibrational stone that can release negativity and invite more relaxation into your life. It also makes those regular, everyday experiences more exciting and rewarding. Want more? Cobalt aura quartz empowers and protects the user. Not to mention the fact that it can also increase natural clairvoyant abilities! Reach for cobalt aura quartz when you are ready to move forward from limiting beliefs or doubts about your self-worth.

Even More Intermediate Crystals

The list above highlighted several must-have stones. However, there are many more that may resonate with you. A few examples include: serpentine (stimulates the crown chakra and can make it possible to connect to past life memories), prehnite (alleviates nightmares and deeply rooted fears), lemurian quartz (promotes self-confidence through increased focus and concentration), and blue kyanite (connects to the throat chakra to make communication and self-expression easier). Do any of these intermediate crystals pique your interest? Keep your eyes peeled the next time you are in a metaphysical shop or are doing a little online shopping.

Is it time to take a step forward in your crystal journey? Many of these intermediate crystals have a higher vibration…and make it possible to connect to yourself (and manifest your intentions) more effectively. Whether you are looking for more balance in your life, energetic protection, or mental clarity, there is a stone that can be of assistance. Choose one from this list to incorporate more advanced crystal healing into your everyday life.

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