Disconnected? Four Ways to Connect to Your Oracle Cards

oracle cards

Oracle cards are becoming more and more popular thanks to their varied uses and designs. These stylish decks are often found at metaphysical shops or spiritual stores…but can even be found in mainstream bookstores these days! Each set of cards can be used for personal introspection, divination, or even as a way to receive messages from spirit guides. Some oracle card decks have elaborate illustrations and others are sleek and simple. Some offer a specific word to meditate on while others have short sentences and a booklet with an expanded meaning. There are so many decks to choose from. Finding one that speaks to you will not be a challenge…but what happens if you feel disconnected from your cards? If a particular deck does not seem to be working for you? Not to worry! Here are four ways to connect to your oracle cards.

Effective Ways to Connect to Your Oracle Cards

There are many different types of oracle cards to choose from. Interested in spirit animals? Choose a deck that focuses on spirit animals and their messages. Feel connected to angels? Reach for a deck that is all about angels or a specific archangel. The options really are endless. Whether you prefer cards that feature illustrations of fairies, unicorns, mermaids, geometric shapes, spiritual symbols, or anything else for that matter, it won’t be hard to track down something special. However, sometimes those chosen cards don’t seem to be clicking. Maybe you don’t feel overly connected to them or the readings seem to be…off. There are several different ways to bond with or connect to your oracle cards.

Make Sure You Spend Time With Your Cards

While there are many different ways to connect or reconnect to your cards, the simplest method is to spend time with them. It doesn’t matter if the cards are brand new from the store or have been in your collection for a long time. Whenever you start feeling that disconnection…make sure the cards are incorporated into your day. For instance, you can always meditate with the cards nearby or with the deck in your hands. Alternatively, the cards can be stored on your nightstand to absorb your energy while you sleep. Just be sure to flip through the cards before bed with the intention of connecting to them on a deeper level.

Another idea? Talk to your oracle cards. Hold them, look at the images, and talk to the cards about your desire to connect or what you hope to learn from future readings. You can even place the deck in your purse or briefcase and take the cards with you during your day. Remember to focus on the cards and actively take time to create a stronger connection.

Cleanse Your Oracle Cards As Needed

Not sure what the issue is? Well, it might be that your oracle cards are in need of a little cleansing. Many spiritual items hold onto energy. In order to ensure that your readings are as accurate as possible…it is important that the cards have your energy and only your energy. If your cards are not working quite right, consider the following questions: Did someone else touch your oracle cards recently? Has someone new been in your home or your space? Have any major life changes taken place? Your answers may have something to do with your sense of connection to the cards. The solution is simple: cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse some more.

Oracle cards can be cleansed in a variety of ways. Some examples include crystals (selenite, clear quartz or black tourmaline), smoke (sage or palo santo), sound (singing bowls or high vibrational frequencies), knocking (knock on the cards with your hand as many times as you feel necessary to remove unwanted energies), or nature (in the sun or moon).  

Store Your Cards in a Different Place

Do you have a specific location that you store your oracle card decks? Or are they scattered haphazardly in your home? It might be time to reconsider where you keep them. Remember, oracle cards are sacred tools and they need to be treated that way. It is best to store them with your other spiritual items (perhaps on your bookshelf with spiritual texts or on a shelf with your favourite crystal clusters). This is beneficial from an organization standpoint but also from an energetic standpoint. It indicates that your cards are both respected and a meaningful part of your spiritual journey. This can also prevent others from touching or using your cards.

This is one quick and easy way to restore that missing connection with your cards. Once you have relocated your deck or decks of cards? You just might find that your readings feel more accurate and resonate with you on a deeper level. Give it a try and see what happens!

Rethink the Readings You Are Getting

Sometimes, an oracle card reading doesn’t seem to click. It is easy to assume that the deck is the issue but there are times when the issue is not the card itself but the way the card is being interpreted. Be open to the reading! Perhaps the card is telling you something that you are not quite ready to hear. Thank the cards for the information and request more information in future.

Another option is to look at some of the other possible meanings. Often times, oracle cards come with a guidebook that has a deeper explanation of the card as well as several alternative meanings. Read those alternative meanings and see whether one of those messages happens to resonate with you. Or look at the image on the card. Do the colours mean anything? Is there an image or symbol that stands out? Your reading may require another look.

Oracle cards can be extremely effective and provide additional guidance and clarity. Whether you are looking for inner wisdom or are seeking a message from above…each deck has the ability to shed light on a wide array of situations. Feeling disconnected? Try one of these methods and strengthen your connection to an old or new deck of cards.

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