Fall Symbols in Your Dreams – What Do These Seasonal Messages Mean?

fall symbols

It is official. The fall season has arrived and that means the leaves will soon start to change colours, shifting from bold greens to unforgettable reds, oranges, and yellows. Soon there will be occasions to wear sweaters and scarves…and you may start to notice fall symbols appearing in your dreams at night. Each seasonal message has a very specific meaning. Want to find out what those fall colours are telling you? How about leaves, a fall forest, and other seasonal symbols? Dream interpretation can be extremely powerful. It is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself and tap into your subconscious mind.

Common Fall Symbols – Why Dream Interpretation is Important

Some people remember their dreams more than others, but the average person remembers one or two nights per week. There may be certain situations, feelings, or symbols that you can recall after you wake. This is where dream interpretation comes in. This practice allows you to analyze and uncover the meanings behind those symbols. Dream interpretation is all about decoding your dreams and tapping into their true meaning. So, leave a dream journal on your dresser and jot down any memories you have upon waking so you can interpret your dreams at a later time.

Fall Symbol #1: Autumn Leaves

When it comes to fall symbols, the most obvious one has to be autumn leaves. While vibrant green leaves in dreams represent new ideas and new interests…autumn leaves that are changing colours or are dying can suggest that your interest in something is starting to wane. Is there a creative project that you haven’t been as energized to work on lately? Has your work become routine and lackluster? Consider areas in your life where you may want or need to mix things up a little bit. Infuse new life into those situations wherever possible or start something brand new. Alternatively, if the autumn leaves have fallen off the tree, this can represent something in your past that needs to be healed. Is there a relationship you haven’t fully moved on from? A mistake that you can’t seem to forgive yourself for? This is a sign that you need to do the emotional work related to the issue. Journal your feelings, talk about it to a good friend or consider either an anger releasing or forgiveness guided meditation. This is the perfect time to let go of the past.

Fall Symbol #2: Seasonal Colours

In addition to some of the more common fall symbols, there are also seasonal colours to consider. The most common colours associated with autumn are red, yellow, and orange. You may see all three colours in your dream or one colour may be dominant. Each one of these seasonal colours has its own dream meaning. Consider the following interpretations:

  • Red. Did you see a lot of red or red symbols in your dream? This particular colour is connected to inner wisdom and unresolved anger. Think about whether there may be areas in your life where you are holding onto resentment or bitterness. Then do what you can to release those feelings. One suggestion is to use positive affirmations: I release the need to feel bitter and resentful. I move forward with love.
  • Yellow. Another autumn colour is yellow. This is a sign of happiness and good luck. It suggests that you are in a positive frame of mind and have an optimistic view of the future. Yellow is also believed to represent peace and tranquility.
  • Orange. There are many seasonal symbols associated with the colour orange. Most obvious is the pumpkin. (Find out the specific meaning of that symbol in the Spirit Earth Magazine article, “Dream Meanings – Danger, Demons & Halloween Symbols.”) Whenever you see orange in your dream, consider the fact that this colour represents optimism and generosity. It has also been linked to positive life changes.

Fall Symbol #3: Walking in a Forest

What could be more picture perfect than a walk through a forest in the middle of the fall season? To walk through a forest in your dream could mean two very different things. On one hand, it can illuminate a fear of the future. Are you feel uncertain about your job prospects? Do your goals feel out of reach? This walk through the forest may be revealing your worries. However, walking through a forest can also indicate success in your current endeavors. Have you recently been given a promotion at work? Do you feel satisfied with your friendships? Your dream may be highlighting your satisfaction with present events. In order to determine which interpretation is right for you, consider how the dream made you feel. When you were walking through the forest, did you feel light and at ease? Then the second interpretation is correct. When you were walking through the forest, did it look spooky or dark? Did you feel uneasy? Then the first interpretation is correct. Always consider how the dream made you feel when you focus on interpretation.

Fall Symbol #4: Apples and Cinnamon

There are many fall symbols to keep in mind. Did you see apples or cinnamon in your latest dream? Not only are they commonly associated with autumn, but they also have specific meanings that can be applied to your dreams. For instance, apples are representative of wealth, beauty, prosperity, and fulfilled desires. To see an apple in your dream is a positive sign. It lets you know that good things are on the horizon. On the other hand, cinnamon in a dream (either cinnamon sticks or powder) has to do with love. This is a wonderful sign for your current and future relationships. It could also signify that your self-love is increasing day after day. To dream that you ate cinnamon or ate something with cinnamon in it indicates that something positive it about to enter your life, both spiritually and in the physical world.

Fall Symbol #5: Rainy Weather

Not everyone loves the rain…but once the fall season arrives, it is almost a guarantee. Have you dreamed about rain recently? There are several possible meanings to consider. It all depends on how you felt in the dream. Whether you were inside watching the rain fall against the window or you were outside walking around in rain puddles, what really matters is your emotional state. If you felt unhappy about the rain, this means that there is an emotional downpour taking place. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed, or unable to process difficult situations. The rain is a reminder to get your emotional life in order. If you felt happy about the rain, those raindrops symbolize a fresh start and an emotional release. The rain may even feel liberating or exciting in your dream. Enjoy that feeling! The rain is a subconscious reminder that everything will be okay.

The fall season has arrived. Whether you are dreaming about seasonal colours or common fall symbols…it is now possible to understand your dreams on a deeper level.

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