Boost Happiness This Season – 4 Must-Have Crystals for Your Collection

boost happiness

The weather has a powerful connection to our emotions. When the sun is shining…it is easy to feel sunny and bright. When the sky is grey and cloudy…it is easy to feel dark and depressed. Depending on your location, the weather may be starting to shift as one season slowly transitions to another. Perhaps the temperatures are dropping at a rapid pace and the sun has started to set earlier in the day. The reality is that any noteworthy change in the weather can impact the way you feel. On the plus side, there are many ways to boost happiness, even when the sun seems to be on vacation.  All you need to do is reach for one of these four must-have crystals when you need that extra dose of happy.

happiness with citrine

Boost Happiness with Citrine

Talk about a happiness must-have! Citrine is not just beautiful to look at (ranging from a light pastel yellow to a reddish orange) but it can also boost happiness. This stone is associated with prosperity, joy, optimism, and energy. It can be used to manifest opportunities, shift your mood, and make you feel more at ease. Citrine is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which is the third chakra, and it is located above the belly button. The solar plexus chakra is all about personal power and self-esteem. It only makes sense that citrine and the solar plexus chakra are linked. When your self-esteem is high, it is much easier to feel happy and joyous.

Having a down day? Struggling to find your happy place? Place a piece of citrine on your desk at work or in a place that you will see it throughout the day. Every time you look at that beautiful yellow stone…you will feel your energy start to shift. Another option is to hold onto a tumbled piece of citrine and recite positive affirmations for a happier and healthier day.

Feel Better with Amethyst

There are many different stones out there, but one of the most versatile and commonly used is amethyst. This gorgeous purple crystal is easily accessible and is associated with spiritual healing, wisdom, and even happiness. It has the ability to create a sense of calm, eases anxiety, and makes it possible to feel more peaceful. When you are in that calmer state of mind…it is much easier to feel happy, grateful, and excited about the day ahead. Amethyst is linked to the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, which is all about a connection to your higher self.

If you need to infuse your day with a little more positivity, then try keeping amethyst with you from morning until night. There are a few ways to do this. You can keep a small tumbled piece in your pocket (and hold it whenever you feel called to) or you can choose to add an amethyst accessory to your outfit for the day. Something like an amethyst ring or necklace will boost happiness with ease as you tackle your daily to-do list.

Smile More with Celestite

Some crystals instantly make you feel better. Celestite is one prime example! It has a soft blue colour that is reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day. No wonder it inspires happiness. Celestite immediately makes you think of beautiful weather and carefree afternoons. Not to mention, it is also connected to the heavens and angelic realm. It is possible to feel connected, protected, and more at ease with this stone nearby. Celestite is commonly associated with the third eye chakra and has the ability to make you feel tranquil, harmonious, and safe. When you are able to experience a deeper connection to the spiritual realm and your emotions are balanced…happiness is a given. So, breathe a little easier with this stone.

There are many ways to incorporate celestite into your day. Start off your morning with a little meditation. Having trouble getting into the practice? One excellent place to start is with a guided meditation. Hold onto a celestite palm stone while you meditate and focus your intention on the stone. As you meditate, breathe deeply and feel the peacefulness, connection, and joy take over your mind, body, and spirit. There is no simpler way to start your morning off on the right foot.

black tourmaline crystal

Remove Negativity with Black Tourmaline

Sometimes the easiest way to boost happiness is to remove any unwanted negative energies. Maybe someone was in your home that was in a particularly bad mood or you have been dealing with a lot of difficult personalities at work. There are so many ways to pick up negative energies from outside sources. You don’t want any of that hanging around unnecessarily. Similarly, you don’t want to stew in your own bad mood. Black tourmaline is a wonderful option in those types of situations. It is connected to the root chakra, which is all about security and stability. This stone can repel negative energy. That in turn makes it easier to maintain a happier lifestyle.

Use black tourmaline to ground and protect against anything that will make you feel less than stellar. Place it in high-traffic areas of your home, hold it in your hand after a difficult encounter with someone, or use visualization to imagine the stone removing any and all negativity from your aura. It won’t take long for you to feel lighter and more at ease.

Crystals are a wonderful way to balance your energy, remove anything that is no longer needed, and focus on the positive. Boost happiness this season with one of these four must-have stones. Adding citrine, amethyst, celestite, or black tourmaline into your spiritual practice and day-to-day activities can make it easier to find the sunshine…even in the rain.

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