Combat Jealousy with These Crystals – Stones to Ease Feelings of Envy

combat jealousy

Emotions are powerful…especially emotions like jealousy and envy. No one is immune from experiencing them or the complex feelings associated with them. For instance, anger, resentment, bitterness, fear, suspicion, humiliation, and self-criticism. Though jealousy happens to everyone at one point or another, it seems to happen more often during this particular time of the year. Wondering why? February is a month where love is in the air. Couples are holding hands in public. Advertisers are doing everything in their power to sell heart-shaped candies and stuffed animals. Friends and acquaintances have started to post long-winded social media captions with over-the-top declarations of love. It can be a lot to deal with! Add in a co-worker’s sunny vacation photos or a promotion that passed you by and it is all too clear how jealousy can take hold.

While jealousy is natural, you don’t want it to become destructive. So, combat jealousy! The right crystals can help you ease feelings of envy and find a little peace.  

Why It’s Important to Combat Jealousy

Many emotions add to our lives in a positive manner. On the other hand? Many emotions make it difficult to move forward and appreciate all of the wonder there is in the world. Jealousy often falls into the latter category. It can become all-consuming. Once that emotion of jealousy starts to trigger specific thoughts (“I wish that I was able to take that vacation,” or “It’s not fair that I am always overlooked,” or “No one ever brings me flowers at work”) it can be difficult to find a way out of the spiral. Though it is difficult to shake off those strong emotions, it is important to combat jealousy as much as possible. Jealousy makes it difficult to appreciate what you have, because comparison focuses on lack instead of gratitude. Dissolve those feelings through positive affirmations, gratitude work, and crystal healing.

Use These Crystals to Ease Feelings of Jealousy

Is crystal healing of interest? Do you feel drawn to certain stones? Then it may be worthwhile to combat jealousy with crystals. They can be worn, carried, or placed around the home. Trust your intuition! You will instinctively know how the crystals should be used to best assist you in this process. Here are some of the most worthwhile stones to consider:

  • Rose Quartz. The best place to start is with a piece of rose quartz, which is known as the stone of unconditional love. Not only does this stone clear away anger, jealousy, and resentment, but it also welcomes in love and supports healing. In addition, this crystal inspires compassion and makes life feel a little more peaceful and balanced. Rose quartz should be considered whenever you want to forgive others, forgive yourself, or adopt a more loving perspective. Keep this stone nearby whenever you do gratitude work!
  • Peridot. According to the well-known author of “The Crystal Bible,” Judy Hall, peridot is an ideal stone for those looking to combat jealousy. This particular stone can be either a yellow-green, green, or brownish-green, but whatever the colour, there are notable healing properties to consider. Peridot has the ability to lessen jealousy and anger. It can also reduce intense feelings of stress and make it easier to move away from negative or destructive patterns. Additionally, peridot can alleviate some of the feelings often associated with jealousy, such as guilt, resentment, and impatience. It can also protect you against negativity and self-doubt. Plus, it makes it easier to forgive others. This is an absolute must!

Even More Stones to Combat Jealousy

Still looking for the perfect crystal to combat jealousy? There are several other possibilities to consider. Here are a few additional suggestions:

  • Black Obsidian. Sometimes, the best way to address jealousy or envy is to focus on the underlying issues. Negativity, for instance. Black obsidian has the ability to bring negative patterns to light and assist in self-reflection. It doesn’t end there. This stone can also block psychic attacks (anyone with ill wishes towards you or someone who may be jealous of what you have) and absorbs negative energy. It makes it easier for you to release unhealthy attachments and remove negativity that may be holding you back.
  • Green Apatite. For a crystal that is healing (and connected to the heart chakra) …consider adding green apatite to your collection. It is known to benefit emotional well-being, heal perceived imbalances related to money, and increase feelings of abundance. Green apatite is also a crystal that is joyful. This stone makes it easier to let go of the past and look towards a hopeful future. So, if you have been holding onto resentment or a host of “what ifs,” this stone will be especially powerful.
  • Amethyst. Certain crystals are more well-rounded than others. When it comes to amethyst, it has the ability to protect, offers wisdom, and reduce stress. It is connected to the crown chakra and is also linked to spirituality. When you need emotional protection, reach for this beautiful purple stone. Amethyst can calm an overactive mind (which is ideal for the times where jealousy triggers racing or irrational thoughts) and can provide emotional strength (which can make it easier to avoid jealousy in future).

Say So Long to Jealousy This Season!

Not all emotions are easy to deal with. Thankfully, there are many different ways to combat jealousy. These crystals can be used to increase self-love and absorb negative energy. Choose one that speaks to you and allow it to dull the intense feelings often associated with jealousy.

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