Reiki Healers Insights and Advice for Good Healing Practises

Reiki Healing Treatment

Life Force Energy

Reiki Ki/Chi life force energy is attracted to anyone who either taps into or has the intent to used it to help themselves or any other life. It is present and abundant everywhere in the universe. Healers act as channels like open taps allowing them to freely flow through them to the recipient and holistic healing takes place, as Reiki is guided by a higher intelligence and is drawn to all needs of the client to do what it knows how to do best. Healers also use their intuition to be guided to areas of disharmony and need of healing. This allows for the client to heal during the session and self-heal after the session.

Clients Sleeping During Sessions

Some people go into such a deep healing sleep during healings. In in-person sessions, we need to wake them up at the end, but with webcam distant healings, if you call them back several times, getting louder each time and they still do not come back. Let them sleep and post a message if you can, telling them they wanted to remain asleep after you tried to wake them a few times. Often they will wake up an hour or two later feeling great.

How to Find New Client’s

Finding new reiki clients. My Google Business is a good way as you get listed locally on Google search and having a free website you can create online with descriptions and contact information. Giving out a couple of business cards to current clients for word-of-mouth recommendations. Business cards or flyers are put up in beauty salons, hairdressers, and other places. Attending psychic fairs giving free reiki taster sessions. Posting on Facebook healers and other business communities if local. Sometimes having a Facebook page can help a little. Local online websites that allow you to post your services.

Reiki Healer Must Not Advise Client to Stop Prescribed Medications

Reiki healers should never tell a client to stop taking any medication they are on. We are healers, not doctors. If a client expresses that they would like to stop a medication they are on, we should suggest they first see their doctor concerning this.

Opening to Reiki – Grounding and Protection

I feel it is always good practice for all reiki levels to invoke the healing to be received and flow in them before any healing, as well as grounding and protecting.

Clearing the Chakras and Meridian Energy Highway for a More Powerful Healing

Reiki healers most often give healing over the main chakras and secondary chakras giving them a good cleansing and clearing and blockages as well as cleansing them and the meridian ki/chi energy channels and highways. This can help for more powerful healing to take place. It is also good to do when giving distant healings near the beginning of the healing and can allow for more powerful healing to be received. Everyone has their preferred way of doing things and reiki knows best anyway, as it is guided by a higher force to do what is needed anyway.

Reiki Master Teacher Support to Students

Reiki Masters need to give support to their students before, during, and after their attunement. Especially during their cleanse, which with some can last much longer than the normal 21-day detox and cleanse. Each reiki attunement works more powerfully than the last. Hence for some, it can be harder to deal with what comes up as reiki heals and prepares them for that level of attainment to become a more powerful and proficient channel. If a student is struggling free healing can help them to cope and is sometimes needed as aftercare. So, it is the reiki masters’ responsibility to look after the best interests of all their students. Students should be told if they have any problems or questions that they can email or message their Reiki Master teacher for help.

The Power of Distant Healing

The power of distant healing. Since covid-19 more and more reiki healers are distant healing rather than seeing clients in person. I have seen my ability to distant heal increase substantially over the past 18 months. This truly is reiki and the healing channel adapting to the situation to give more powerful absent healings.

Client Request for Manifestation

It is not always easy when the client to heal asks us to manifest things in their life that they want and desire. But we can try to heal the things that are preventing them from finding themselves to some extent. Sometimes asking the universe on their behalf for the opportunities they desire and prayer can help.

The Violet Flame and Reiki

If you are not already a Violet Flame Practitioner along with Reiki then it is a great tool to transmute negative energy to positive energy and clear stubborn blockages, as well as helping with any karmic issues. The Sei He Ki is also very good to help mental/emotional and karmic issues. I use the Violet Flame in most sessions. Both Reiki and the Violet Flame are good on their own or used together.

Reiki Energy Channelled from the Universe or God

A fair number of clients prefer the energy when asked to come from the universe. It was believed to by Mikao Usui who was a Buddhist monk who rediscovered reiki to come from the universe. However, many in the west believe in God and that he is the healing source. I believe in God and that he put the healing energy within the universe in the first place for anyone to use no matter what they believe in. I do pray for it, but I always also channel it from the universe as believed by Mikao Usui, as this is a traditional way he channeled it and I believe we should respect that. So, to do that and believe in God, I pray to God and say, “may I receive the healing energy from your grace and the universe”. Then I invoke it to come to me from the universe by reciting the 5 reiki principles and invoking it to come to me via the universe. But I do not rule out that it might also come to me from God, that is when the client is open to it doing so. Then it will come from the source that the client is happy with. You can ask the client or just believe it will channel through you from what the client is open to, as I am sure it does, because both God and the intelligence of reiki know that already.

Be Guided by Your Intuition

When reiki healing, let your intuition guide you as to where to lay your hands or heal through the aura. You do not have to stick rigidly to the set hand positions.

Reiki and Practising Meditation

Learning to meditate purely to be able to still the mind can be a big advantage in reiki, both with clients in person and distantly. Helping stillness of mind while healing with a soft focus on channeling to them. If the mind wanders, bring it back to that soft-focus again and it will train the mind to be still when healing and at other times. Meditation where you lose focus of your surroundings finding a peaceful state of mind feels so good. The “Hatsurei-Ho” is a good meditation to learn for this.

Keep Talking to a Minimum During Reiki Sessions

Although a brief guided talk at the beginning of a reiki healings can help the client to relax. I feel most of it should be done in silence, other than gentle music playing in the background. For those healers and clients that chat the whole way through can be very distracting to both of them. It can prevent the client to some extent from relaxing and being open to the healing and the healer can at times lose the complete presence of mind to what they are doing. However, on my webcam sessions, I do talk to clients while they are quietly listening. This does not distract me from healing them, as I am telling them in a guided way what I am doing. I do this to keep them present as there is no hands-on contact with them, and it can comfort them.

Keeping a Relaxed Peaceful Presence of Mind During Healings

During a reiki healing, it does not so much take the healers’ concentration, more their awareness and presence of mind to what the healer is doing. Learning to use intuition and feelings of the client’s needs can also be an advantage, but not strictly necessary to be able to give good healing.

Unused Energy at The End of a Session

When you finish a reiki session, ask that any excess energy go out into the world to help it. Believe me, it helps!

Mikao Usui and the Master Symbol

Mikao Usui found a Buddhist tantra about the “Lightning Flash” great healing power of energy. The name of the master symbol translates to “bright shining light” or “great enlightenment”. Today reiki masters when evoking the power of the master symbol are calling in this power of white light with all colours within it. This is reiki at its most powerful. Aside from the master symbol evoking this energy to be received, it also contains the reiki level two symbols, the power, mental/emotional, and distant healing symbol. In truth reiki masters only even need to use the master symbol in their healing. But even so, it is good to practice and still use all symbols at times, if not all the time as I do.

Distant Healings at Present

I can understand that many reiki healers might feel uncomfortable healing in-person at this time with the pandemic still so prevalent. Many are turning to distant or webcam healings as a safe alternative, including myself. I have found over the last year my ability to distant heal has become stronger, and I believe the wisdom of reiki allows for this adaption.

How the Mind of Both the Healer and Client can Influence the Healing

The mindset of both the client and the healer can influence the healing. We sometimes wonder why some people have amazing healings and another not. Often this is because of their beliefs and whether they believe in the healing powers of reiki or not. Clients can completely block the healing form being received and it will simply bounce off if they do not believe in it. The healer’s mindset should be of belief and faith in reiki’s ability to heal and to allow reiki the freedom to heal as it knows best without restriction. That is not to say we only channel it, because at times in the healing we will direct some of the healing to what the client has told us their needs healing, but we should also allow reiki to go where it wants to go without direction a good part of the time, or we can end up blocking it from helping a client in ways it needs to. So it is finding the happy mixture where the client gets the best healing possible.

The Healing Source and Process

When we heal, it comes from the source and passes through our energetic body to the energetic body of the client. It then heals their energetic body and passes on not only the heal their spirit, but also their physical and mental/emotional needs and states. This allows for holistic healing to take place on all levels for all needs, as well as allowing self-healing of the client to take place during the session and from that time on for up to 3 days. Spiritual healers sometimes coin the phrase “From spirit, through spirit, to spirit.” We are not healers; we are merely channels of the Ki life force energy. What a blessing it is to be able to help people in need and see the results for ourselves of how it helps so many, maybe not all.

Reiki Pulling Negative Energy from a Client

Reiki Pulling… Reiki pulling is the pulling out negative and depleted energy. So normally we hands-on heal or through the aura. But pulling out bad energy is possible. You can do this over the chakras to cleanse them or in other areas where there is a problem. I had a lady with an issue, she had an operation to remove cystic fibrosis from around the outside of her womb 6 months earlier, but was left in constant pain. I healed it as normal but had been practicing reiki pulling on clients for some time. So I put my hand on and circled it around her womb to draw the depleted energy and negative energy to the surface. Then allowed it to come through her skin into my hand. I then took hold of it and pulled it out slowly and threw it behind me and asked the universe to take it away. The lady said to me at the end of the session, “when you pulled that out, my uterus was pulled to the surface of my belly”. I have had others that have felt big lumps of darkness pulled out of them, although this is something that can happen without pulling while healing and I just about always see it as pure black energy and it often has tendrils that take two or several pulls to get fully out. I like to use a circular hand movement to draw it up to the surface and into my hand and normally counterclockwise. Sometimes I hook it around my fingers but mostly hold it with my hand and this all works by our intention. I now use it on just about every client, whether they are in person or distant healings. Remember, if you use this, that after such removal of dark energy, you should heal white light energy back into where it comes from to replace it.

Reiki and Crystals Being Used Together

Using crystals or channeling reiki through crystals during healing is fine, most often over the seven main chakra points. This can help to clear, harmonise, and unblock the chakras for the free flow of energy. However, that being said, if you prefer you can do the same thing with just your hands and reiki. This is by your intent to do so and it works perfectly. I personally normally use one hand and I also pull out dark energies in or around the chakras, as I do on other parts of the body where there is a problem. Some use a pendulum to detect blocked chakras and other needs, but you can also scan with your hand through the aura and you will get tingles or other sensations on your hand if one is blocked or if there is an area that needs more healing.

Clients with Mental Health Issues

Sometimes you can get a client with mental health issues who are convinced they are spiritually attacked, possessed, or cursed. Telling the difference between a genuine spiritual attack and somebody with a delusional mental health issue is very difficult because the symptoms are the same. In distant healings, I get them to send me a photo of themselves first, and often I can see darkness around them and coming from them psychically in the photo. In every case so far it has ended up being their mental health issue and I suggested to them to do see a doctor about it, as I believed their problem was not of a spiritual origin and that it was a mental health-related issue that they could get help for. I always still give them healing, until I am sure and give them advice on how to close themselves and protect spiritually. I have noticed those with mental health issues, will try very hard to convince me it is spiritual, writing, or a lot of reasons why and sighting articles they believe prove they are affected by spirits, or sometimes other people on the earth. It is very hard telling somebody it is a mental health issue and breaking it to them, and that I believe it is not spiritual and more a mental health issue and that they need to go see a doctor. I have had feedback for a couple that said they went to see a doctor and got medication that helped them.

Sealing the Healing at the End of a Session

When you have finished healing your clients, always seal the healing in with the power symbol over the heart chakra so it lasts longer. Then close and smooth the aura, close the chakras, and energy body to a normal state, and lastly finish by giving them a good grounding.

The Levels of Reiki that can be Traditionally Taken

The Reiki levels. There are 3 traditional levels to reiki. Reiki I am mostly about learning to use reiki on oneself and those you know. Level II is about learning to become a reiki practitioner to heal others and charge if wished, which madam Takata taught we should for the value of reiki and our time. Level 3 Reiki Master, traditionally reserved for the most promising students, was meant for those to hone their abilities to the highest level. This was also the teacher’s level. Some Reiki masters teach Reiki Master in Part-a Reiki Master Healer and Part-b Reiki Master Teacher. There are and will never be any genuine high levels of reiki than this. So those who teach reiki levels IIII and IIIII or higher are not being true to it or those they teach. Those that wish to teach more to their students beyond the Reiki Master levels should call it something else as an add-on like “The Violet Flame” which is not reiki but works very well alongside it. Otherwise, it is deceiving people.

Reiki and the Clients own Self-Healing

There are lots of good things and help available to help those who are suffering. But the biggest lesson most need to learn is nobody else can save you, as we each need to learn to save ourselves. Even reiki is all about helping a person to self-heal by healing themselves. I always try to tell others this.

Rule Regarding Covid-19

Each healer has to make their own rules regarding their own and clients’ safety and protection regarding covid-19. Choose if you would heal anyone that has not had both their vaccinations or if you would. Ask them to cancel any appointment if they have any symptoms or others in their household, including self-isolation.

Do Healers Master Reiki or Does Reiki Master them

Don’t try to master Reiki, it is a higher force. Instead, let Reiki Master and Guide you!

Hygiene for Hands and Cleansing

Washing your hands is best! Washing hands well and drying them on a clean towel before the client arrives is best and then sanitizing hands your hands in front of the client before the healing begins. Also, sanitize your own hands after the healing. At this time it might also be wise to get clients to sanitize their hands on arrival. It may also be prudent not to offer water after the healing, as the less contact the client has with surfaces in your healing place the better for you and them.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Reiki healers seeing clients in person can decide for themselves if they are open to seeing all clients or just those that have had their covid-19 vaccinations. Asking clients who have signs of coronavirus, colds, flu, or a high temperature to cancel an appointment is maybe another sensible thing to do.

The Energy of Male and Female Healers Energy can Differ

Male and female healers often have different feelings energy and can work on different levels. Plus a part of their personality and care is transferred with the healing. So it can change the Ki/Chi energy more toward their energy signature. However, male or female healer aside the Ki energy is of the same benefit, but it might work on different levels with the client. I would not say that this is so significant if we all act as compassionate channels of healing. But masculine and feminine energies can feel very different to the client and have different effects on them.

Reiki Consultations Before Any Sessions Commence

Often it is good to do a consultation before taking on a reiki client. Doing this over the phone is often best because you get a feeling for them. Go with your gut instinct and intuition, and if for some reason something in you is saying I don’t want to take this person on, then make your polite excuses and end the conversation. So, don’t be afraid to turn a person down. The other type of client is one that already coming to you for healing. If there is something not right, tell them you will let them know about further bookings at a later date. Then you can cancel by text or email making your excuses if need be. There is another group that you may choose to cancel further appointments with. These are those where reiki is not working with them. This is often because of their mindset or beliefs or I should say non-beliefs that are blocking it. So, when you heal them, you can feel no healing is going in. It is best, to be honest, and say it is not working with them and you are discontinuing the treatments. Reiki facilitates the client’s ability to self-heal, and the odd client wants the healer to cure them but has given up on helping themselves. This often invariably means after a few sessions there is no sign of any improvement, and by what they say you can see it is not helping them in any way. Just be honest with them if you believe it will not help them. It is sad but sometimes you just cannot help some people. However, most who come to healing will show improves and that is why we do it.

Clients Can Become Very Dependant or Reiki Sometimes

One thing to remember with long-term Reiki clients that have serious mental or physical illnesses is that Reiki can be very uplifting and soothing to many traumas, giving them a release and freedom from many of the symptoms they suffer. Therefore, it can become quite addictive as a feel-good aid that they find hard to manage without. If you feel this might be the case, do make the client aware of this.

Benefits of Reiki Attunements

This Reiki student had this during his Reiki 1 and 2 from Reiki 1 onward through to Reiki 2, a drop in heart rate. It shows how powerful attunements and self-healings can be for health and wellbeing.

Reiki Sometimes Deliberately puts Clients to Sleep

Reiki will sometimes deliberately put people to sleep, this is so it can access things on a much deeper level than when the conscious mind is asleep. Most clients that are asleep will come back to consciousness when you gently ask them to come back and around at the end of the healing. Though the odd one can be really hard to wake up. If it is a webcam healing after trying for a few minutes to wake them up, leave them to have the healing sleep because they need it and log off.

Reiki and Spirit Healing Guides and Other Abilities

The source energy of Reiki and other healing modalities is in my mind unlimited. By saying that I mean it is very likely capable of miraculous healings. It is we the healers that cannot channel it to that level and power because our abilities and spiritual development and evolution has nowhere near reached the ability to channel that much energy. I have been healed 100’s if not more than 1000 times by healers hear and from spirits healing me directly here as spirit orbs and two of those spirits are living on the highest plane of evolution that man has achieved so far in the spirit realms, which is plane 10, and there are two more planes above that. One of those on plane 10 is Su Ling my spirit-guided and She healed me so much more powerfully than any healer here or in spirits other than one who is also on plane 10. I would say both of them healed me 5 to 6 times more powerfully than any other healer has. Su Ling and the other person are very evolved spirits. But they did not heal me miraculously, just extremely powerfully, which shows the more evolved we become in spirit the more healing energy we can channel. When you heal do not doubt your potential to keep developing and progressing yourself and your healing abilities to channel ever more healing. Okay spiritual evolution for the most part is a gradual process, but do not limit yourself by your thinking, allow yourself to be a fully open channel to the level you are at this time. This truly is spiritual evolution here and beyond and this part of evolution is eternal for all those who follow it and believe in it.

Reiki the Natural Healing System

Reiki is a natural healing method and system. It is indeed a healing force of Ki universal life force energy that has a strong healing component. However, the mindset of the recipient is also very important. For, if they have little belief in it, that very mindset can dampen the good Reiki can do, because to some extent they are blocking its full benefits. So, the client having a positive mindset that will help them helps a great deal on their self-healing journey. Also, Reiki very much is about helping and aiding the recipient to self-heal on all levels where there is a need. So, the client also needs to help themselves in their recovery, one step at a time with a positive mindset can help them.

Grounding Before Healings and Spirit Work

Grounding before spirit work mostly brings balance and harmony before any spiritual activities. It grounds both physically and spiritually. It is after grounding and protecting that you open up your spirit and abilities consciously or unconsciously and your chakras often will open as needed. This would not tie you to the physical world and vibration or the here and now, but it does keep you in some amount connected to the earth, no matter how far and wide your spirit might roam or travel, such as in astral projection. In astral projection, you have a spiritual tether by the silver cord or rope to maintain a spiritual presence in your physical life, as there is no life without spirit present. Grounding at the end of any spiritual work is a must, as it brings you back from spiritual vibration to physical, which is the here and now, otherwise, you might walk around very spiritually perceptive and aware and take a lot on from other people or spirits that can cause you disharmony of the spirit, that then passes onto the physical life and mind. So, closing your spirit and chakras and grounding is important at the end of any spiritual activities. Empaths are very vulnerable if they do not ground at the end and they can pick up people’s bad feelings and emotions, and many can do even without opening themselves spiritually.

The Source Energy of Reiki

The source of Reiki we call upon is in the universe and all around us and it is abundant and is an inexhaustible source of Ki/Chi life force energy, that can heal and supplement the energy of any life, as all have life force or a spirit. Reiki by many is considered spiritual healing and this is my personal belief also. Reiki was rediscovered and developed in a belief system that does not believe in God, Buddhism. However, many in different parts of the world do believe in God. So, one might question, did God put Reiki there in the universal in the first place? So, those with no belief in God are still able to channel and heal as well as any that do believe in God? Yes, of course, I believe so, as, in my own opinion, I believe he did put it there for anyone to use for the greater good. We know Reiki has its own intelligence and will naturally heal any needs. Some call this God-consciousness or innate intelligence that guides it. As Reiki healers, we should always respect the beliefs and origins of the founder of Reiki, that was in Japan, Mikow Usui in the 1920s. I believe in God and I both invoke it from the universe and also pray to God for it with those open to it, but ask clients if they prefer it just from the universe. I tested where the source of energy comes from myself. I asked my guide and invoked it myself to only come from the universe and it worked normally. Then I cleared it and did the same just by praying to God for it and asking my guide that it should only come from God. It was exactly the same, no different. So, my belief is, ask your client if they would like it just from the universe, if so only channel it from the universal energy, or if they are open to it from the universe and God, then invoke it from both and say a prayer asking for it from God also. I truly believe as Reiki healers that we should always channel from at least the universe and if we wish and the client is happy, then also from God if that is our belief and the client is open to it also from God. But if you only wish it from the universe alone, that is also fine, as there is no difference in it being just as powerful and having all the same abilities to heal.

Healing Schools and Teachers

Be wary that some Reiki Schools are offering Reiki courses with no attunements and they do not make that clear, which is a con, because then they tell you that you then have to find a Reiki Master to attune you at the end. I have had at least 3 people that come to me for attunements. Normally without teaching them myself, I often turn them down, because they have most likely also received poor training by an unqualified teacher and I am not taking on any of my students at this time.

Feeling the Life Force Energy

Sometimes after a Reiki session, you might find you have a nice tingle on your hands or none. Then on other occasions not such a nice tingle of negative energy. If so it can be residual energies from your client buzzing on your hands. Simple go wash your hands with soap and water and it will wash it away earthing and grounding it. Then you should feel fine.

The Natural Flow of Reiki

When healing a certain condition, heal in that area for a fair time, but do not just heal the condition, as there may be other needs in that area, and there could be several causes. By all means, have the intention to heal that condition and its cause/s and all other needs. But try not to direct the energy too much, rather allow it the flow freely from the source to where the energy is drawn, as it naturally flows to where there is needed, such as disharmonies or imbalances of the energy body or depletion of energy. Remember Reiki is guided by a higher intelligence of the universe or God which knows what is needed and how best to heal your client/healee. Be that simple caring and compassionate channel of this wonderful universal energy that is guided by a higher force. This way you will often get much better results healing in this way. Reiki should always be applied holistically, to the whole energy being and person, physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. So, we are not the healer, we are the channel of that healing energy force. So, it is the energy that is the real healer. Many healers simply lay their hands on, or heal through the aura and let the Reiki do the rest and this works well because they are not inhibiting the energy or its natural flow and direction. Those healers who are more aware sometimes have natural intuitions of an area that needs additional healing or are directed by a spirit healing guide to such areas. Both healers and clients may also see colours in their third eye, that they should not change or stopped. Other more psychic healers may see the aura and energy field and depletions or muddy colours in it that need healing. In Reiki we do not have to force anything, it all happens quite naturally without effort. Also, don’t let ego get in the way of your healing. Be that simple humble channel of the healing powers and heal with compassion and/or love as this helps the client on deeper levels, especially mentally and emotionally, as love is a great healing force all of its own and it can often enhance the Reiki.

Reiki is Everywhere

Reiki which means, Rei – Universal and Ki (Chi in China) – Live Force Energy, is ubiquitous, meaning it is present everywhere in the universe and upon the earth. When a healer opens to receive this energy to channel it, it is naturally drawn into them and also passed to them by their spirit healing guide to channel to their clients. It is possible to also to pray for it from God if wished. However, you do not need to pray for it to work perfectly. I like to channel this healing life for energy from both the universe and God. Reiki is considered to be spiritual healing and that is can be from a supernatural force and source. Many Reiki healers in Japan where it originated from are Buddhists or other beliefs that have no belief in a personal God. This is why I respect channeling it from the universe as well as God, to pass it in the traditional manner as well as my own beliefs in God. It is a personal thing for us each to decide. I happen to believe that God put Reiki everywhere so anyone can channel it without having to believe in anything other than it works, to be able to channel it.

When the client Leave their Problem should go out the door with them

It is good to be a sensitive and caring healer. But when your client leaves, make sure you do not burden yourself with their problems and remain detached, as you cannot take all the problems of others onto yourself or you could end up ill.

PTSD and Other Mental Issues

Reiki often works well for clients who have PTSD and other emotional traumas. The odd one is not so much, because they have not yet reached to point where they are ready to release and heal to move on and leave it behind, often because they are still stuck in the middle of it.

The Distant Healing Symbol

When distant healing with Reiki, the healer can draw in the distant healing symbol for a deeper connection with the distant client. This symbol means, no time, no space as well as no past, present, or future, only the now, where time and space no longer exists. Only the present moment exists in this distant healing. Therefore, the healer can be in the client’s presents as an energy body or how the healer wishes with no time or distance between them. This allows the healer to give a hands-on and aura energy healing to their client, rather than projecting the healing from the healer’s location to the client in their location, which can also be done if wished. Only being present with the client may be a more beneficial and powerful and direct method and way to heal their client. One can project themselves as an energy body or spirit to be in the client’s presence, where the client is located, or the healer can visualize the client into their presence to give full healing. This all works by the healer’s intent as with many other gifts of the spirit. We should each do what sits right with ourselves and follow our intuition to guide us on these matters.

I will digress at this point as I could say so much more. I hope some of this is useful to you!

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