Dreaming of Crystals? What The Stones in Your Dreams Mean


How have you been sleeping lately? Maybe you remember a dream or two from the last several nights. The bits and pieces you are able to recall can actually reveal how you feel, what you need to work on, and any changes you may be ready for. This is known as dream interpretation, which is the process of assigning meanings to dreams. Certain situations or symbols can provide deeper insight into the subconscious mind. Not only is it associated with some forms of psychotherapy, but it has also continued to gain popularity over the years. These days, there are dream dictionaries available, dream journals, and social media pages dedicated to dream analysis. It has never been easier to dive deeper into your dreams! If you’ve been dreaming of crystals, then keep reading. It is time to find out what the stones in your dreams really mean.

What It Means When You Are Dreaming of Crystals

There are many common dream symbols, like animals, houses, food, people, schools, and water. Additionally, there are many common dream scenarios, such as falling, being chased, or flying an airplane. It is also fairly common to dream of crystals! These beautiful stones have many uses. For instance, crystals can be used for healing, as part of a spiritual practice, or even in home décor and jewelry. It comes as no surprise that many are dreaming of crystals at night… but what exactly does it mean to see a crystal while sleeping?

Well, it depends. Generally speaking, seeing spiritual symbols in dreams highlights an important area of focus. It can let you know what it is you need to heal or where you need to dedicate extra time. Think of the shape of the crystal, the colour, and how it made you feel. These factors can impact the meaning. If a specific crystal appears in your dream, it is very likely that you are being asked to work with that stone in your waking life. Alternatively, the properties associated with that crystal may provide additional insight into your unconscious mind. Ready to dive a little deeper? Here are some of the crystals that more commonly appear in dreams.  

Crystal #1: Amethyst

Dreaming of crystals can be wonderful and exciting, especially if you happen to see an amethyst. This stone is a reminder to listen to your inner wisdom. It is also a reminder to be honest and virtuous in everything you do. There are many different dream scenarios to consider. For example, if you see many amethyst stones in your dream, you are experiencing some sort of spiritual longing. Spend more time digging into spiritual reading, rituals, or practices. In addition, dreaming about receiving or finding an amethyst stone can be a sign of good fortune. Perhaps you will receive some sound advice or will come to an important realization.

Crystal #2: Quartz

It is also likely that some form of quartz will appear in your dreams every now and again. So, do your best to notice the type of quartz. Clear quartz is known as the “Master Healer” stone. It amplifies the energy of other stones around it. Were there other crystals around that piece of quartz? Consider what you may want to amplify in your waking life. If only clear quartz was present, your subconscious mind is likely letting you know that you are ready to heal and grow. It is time to live your purpose and step into the fullness of your being. Focus on letting go of the past and working towards your life goals. Were you dreaming of crystals like rose quartz? Then your focus should be on self-love, acceptance, and healing relationships. This stone is a reminder to move forward with kindness and compassion.

Crystal #3: Jade

There is something powerful about jade. This rich green stone is often seen in jewelry or is placed around the home to welcome in wisdom, love, and harmony. In dreams? It is normally a positive sign to see, hold, or be wearing a piece of jade. Yes, jade can actually represent that you are ready for rebirth, to welcome in joy, and to accept the positive into your life. As a result, this crystal is connected to good luck, fortune, and blessings. Seeing jade in your dream is a sign that you are ready to receive all the goodness life has to offer.

Crystal #4: Pyrite

Pyrite is commonly referred to as “fools gold,” thanks to the unmistakable gold colour. It is commonly associated with willpower, confidence, and inner strength. However, when it comes to dreams, this particular stone is a warning. Are there any areas of your life where you feel you are being fooled? For instance, someone at work may have made promises that sound too good to be true or you may have a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right with a friend. Seeing pyrite in your dream is a reminder to trust your intuition. You have the answers inside of you.

Still Dreaming of Crystals? Even More Meanings

Many other crystals may appear in your dreams. If they are not included on this list…always consider how that stone made you feel. By taking time to dig into the feelings that the crystal uncovered, it is possible to do a more in-depth dream analysis. However, there are a few more crystal meanings to overview, including selenite (a desire to release what no longer serves you), tiger’s eye (you have your hopes up about a particular situation), ruby (there has been a recent romantic connection in your life), green calcite (a desire to heal and gain clarity about a situation), and jasper (an eagerness for positive change). Have any of these appeared in your dreams? Consider what these stones may be trying to tell you.

Dreaming of crystals is not unusual. These stones are a reminder to look inward, trust yourself, and focus on healing. Dreams often highlight areas of our lives that need extra attention…so write down your dreams when you wake in the morning and give dream analysis a try. Especially if your dream included a memorable crystal or two.

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