Colour Meanings – What Do Common Spring Colours Represent?

spring colours

There is something undeniably magical about the spring season. Suddenly, the world feels alive again. The sun shines a little brighter in the sky, the temperatures are more comfortable, and there are spring colours absolutely everywhere. These colours aren’t just beautiful to look at…they are powerful. Spring colours evoke all sorts of emotions. Plus, each one has a much deeper meaning to consider. Are you ready to appreciate the season in a whole new way? Then it is time to uncover what these common seasonal colours represent.

Understanding The Importance of Colour

The world is a colourful place. Everywhere you turn, there are different colours to feast your eyes on. Taking a walk outside? Chances are, you will see shades of green, blue, brown, and a whole lot more. Inside your home? You might have ultra colourful walls or a watermelon coloured food mixer. When it comes down to it, colour makes our world extraordinary. It can be a form of self-expression and can even alter your mood. Colour is an incredible type of non-verbal communication. Each colour is special and can reveal a lot about what we think and feel.

Certain colours are associated with certain seasons. For instance, winter is all about icy blues, emerald greens, and berry reds. The fall season is all about warm yellows and orange. Summer is all about bright and bold colours, like turquoise and hot pink. Spring, on the other hand, is known for soft pastels and colours seen in nature. Just think about all the flowers in bloom!

Common Spring Colours – What Springtime Green Means

Though there are many different colours associated with the spring season, the most obvious has to be green. Not just any kind of green! Springtime green is fresh and most closely compares to grass, leaves, and bushes. This colour is a reminder that nature has returned after a long winter season. What does this colour mean? Green symbolizes nature, fertility, and hope. It is all about embracing the beauty and wonder of life…and feeling truly alive. This spring, you may be looking for a fresh start or desire a more positive outlook. The solution? Soak in all of that springtime green the next time you are out and about. Alternatively, you can bring some seasonal plants inside to add some green to your home or even have fun with home décor. This colour is thought to be rejuvenating and refreshing. So, spring clean your life with a little green.

What Sunshine Yellow Means

Yellow is one of the most inviting spring colours. After all, it immediately makes you think of warm sunny days and joyful moments. Since the season is all about sunshine and flowers, there is no better time to welcome in different shades of yellow. Wondering what this particular colour means? Yellow symbolizes happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, and playfulness. It is all about embracing the joys in life. Additionally, this colour has been linked to creativity and decision making skills. Whether you have been feeling down or have a creative project on the back burner, a little bit of yellow can make all the difference. Try planting some buttercup flowers in your front garden or look for uplifting crystals like yellow jade, citrine, or yellow aventurine. Meditate with them this season or place them in your work space for an added boost of creativity and optimism.

What Pastel Pink Means

Still looking for more colour meanings? Not to worry…the next on this list is pastel pink. There are many beautiful shades of pink. At this time of year, softer versions are seen more often thanks to all of the stunning flowers. This spring colour represents gentleness, kindness, vulnerability, and love. Pastel pink has to do with relationships, such as friends, family members, and romantic partners. This particular shade can also be quite calming and relaxing! In fact, pastel pink is often associated with safety and comfort. Has life been stressful lately? Do you have too much on your plate? Add pastel pink into your life and shower yourself with self-love, understanding, and compassion. There are many ways to enjoy this colour all season long. Try adding on a pastel pink accessory, add a soft pink lampshade to your favourite lamp, or mix in some pink throw pillows.

What Sky Blue Means

Spring colours stand out for all the right reasons. Take sky blue as an example! This particular colour manages to evoke a sense of peace, tranquility, and ease. It acts as a reminder that everything is going to be okay. No wonder sky blue is also associated with spirituality and comfort. This calming colour is not just beautiful to look at. Sky blue is all about trust and understanding. Not to mention inner wisdom and depth! Need a little pick-me-up this season? Then sky blue is the perfect solution. On a clear day, simply take a moment to look up at the sky for a minute or two. Soak in all of that colour and let it remind you that you are safe. This is also a wonderful way to feel grounded, connect to nature, and get inspired by the world around you.

Incorporate Spring Colours Into Your Life This Season!

The spring season is fully underway…and there is no better time to make the most of spring colours. Now that you know the meanings behind some of the most common seasonal shades, it is possible to thoughtfully incorporate them into your day-to-day life.

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