There are times when life feels especially overwhelming. Does that seem true for you lately? Perhaps your schedule is a little too full for comfort, your anxiety has been a bit harder to manage, or you have found yourself stuck in the middle of some difficult conversations. Being emotionally overwhelmed can make it much harder to think rationally, feel safe, and handle day-to-day tasks. Not to worry…there are many different ways to handle the intense emotions associated with being overwhelmed. Try breath work or grounding exercises. Talk to a trusted friend or write in a journal. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well! Searching for another solution? Use crystals for overwhelm. Many stones can make you feel more at ease.

Crystals for Overwhelm – Use Crystals to Calm Strong Emotions

Some people use crystals to decorate their homes and some people wear jewelry with colourful stones like amethyst or jade.  Others believe that crystals have healing properties. Interested in the latter? Certain stones are believed to benefit the mind, body, and spirit. For instance, red jasper is a wonderful crystal for grounding.  Howlite encourages patience and perspective. Aventurine is linked to confidence and prosperity. Crystals can be used to shift your energy and release negativity. These beautiful pieces also make it easier to focus on what matters most…and release what no longer serves you. Not sure where to start? Incorporate crystals into meditation or breath work, hold a stone as needed throughout the day, or simply keep one in a nearby spot.

Working with crystals can make you feel more balanced and aligned. So, whenever you are feeling stressed out or completely overwhelmed, remember to choose a crystal thoughtfully. Here are a few of the best crystals for overwhelm to add to your collection.

Use Fluorite to Achieve Balance and Clarity

There is something especially intriguing about fluorite. It comes in many colours, but is often different shades of purple, green, and white. Not only does this stone look aesthetically pleasing, but there are many associated healing properties. Fluorite is thought to balance strong emotions, provide clarity of thought, and can be especially beneficial when you are under duress. This is a stone of harmony, it is thought to transform negative energy into positive energy, and it also promotes peace of mind. When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or like you can’t handle one more responsibility…let fluorite bring you back to a place of peace.

Reduce Stress Levels with Smoky Quartz

Feeling overwhelmed can be stressful. This is especially true if you have been feeling overwhelmed for several days, weeks, or even months. That constant state of stress can be extremely difficult on your body and mind. Give yourself some relief by focusing on stress reduction techniques. There are many crystals for overwhelm to consider, but smoky quartz is an easily accessible stone that is incredibly powerful. Not only is smoky quartz a beneficial stone for grounding, but it is also thought to improve overall wellbeing by releasing old wounds and heavy emotions. It relieves stress and anxiety and promotes positive thoughts.

Use Blue Kyanite For Better Communication

Sometimes, when you feel overwhelmed, it makes communication more difficult. Think about it! Maybe your mind is going a mile a minute, thinking about all the things you need to get done before the end of the day. That makes it much harder to communicate well with others. You might find that you are short-tempered or easily frustrated. Or you may feel so overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, or anger that you find it difficult to say what you want or need to say. That is where blue kyanite comes in. This crystal is known to assist with communication and self-expression. When you are struggling to say what you want to say…or to speak with patience and kindness…reach for this beautiful stone. It allows you to feel more peaceful and speak the truth.

Reach For Angelite to Feel More Connected

To effectively tackle feelings of overwhelm, consider reaching for a piece of angelite. This pale blue stone is all about connection to a higher power. It is believed to facilitate contact with angels and spirit guides. That means this stone can be used to ask for assistance or used as a reminder that you are not alone in the world. Even though you may be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and afraid…there is always someone on your side. Allow angelite to remind you that every obstacle in your path is not something you will face alone. This crystal is peaceful, calming, and soothing, and is sure to make your day feel a little less overwhelming.

Even More Crystals for Overwhelm

It doesn’t end there! Many other crystals make it easier to move through difficulties and find a sense of peace in the midst of uncertainty. A few suggestions are: citrine (removes fears and makes it easier to think positively), aquamarine (clears away mental clutter and makes it easier to see situations as they really are), black tourmaline (protects against negative energies), lapis lazuli (can be used for stress-relief and releases resentment), and moonstone (promote calm, serenity, and peace of mind). Reach for one of these stones to tackle overwhelming situations.

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, there is too much to handle and everything feels overwhelming. Do what you can to manage the stress and anxiety that comes along with that. Whether you choose to do so by speaking to a professional, spending time in nature, giving yourself more breaks during the work day, or using crystals for overwhelm…what matters most is that you seek balance and peace. Always remember that you deserve a life you love.  

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