How to Plan (and Complete) Your Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list

The summer season always seems to pass by quickly. One minute, you are celebrating the return of sunny weather and shorts, and the next, you are decorating your home for fall. The reason it seems to end so fast? Summer months are often overloaded with seasonal activities, outdoor events, social gatherings, yard work, and all of the regular day-to-day tasks that tend to fill our calendars. A busy schedule can be a good thing…but it can also make it difficult to be intentional about your time. Are there certain things you want to accomplish this season? Special memories you want to make? Tasks you want to complete? It is time to create your very own summer bucket list and find out how to check off each and every item. Keep reading to get started…

Why a Summer Bucket List is Important

Bucket lists have become far more common in recent years. Many love to create long-term bucket lists, but seasonal bucket lists tend to be more achievable, because they are somewhat short-term. The goal is to create a thoughtful list that outlines everything you want to do in a specific season or timeframe. For instance, the summer season officially ends on September 22nd. If you are interested in a summer bucket list, you can decide that everything needs to be crossed off your list by that date or even by September 1st. It is totally up to you! What matters most is making a list that is meaningful and will add joy to the summer season.

There are many reasons that a seasonal bucket list is important. For starters, it allows you to sit down and really think about what you want the next couple of months to look like. What do you want to do? See? Accomplish? Who do you want to make time for? This summer bucket list is a way for you to get organized, of course, but it also makes it possible to look forward to different parts of your summer! A well-planned bucket list will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important events, will help you schedule your time effectively, and even allow you to savor the summer season. There are so many reasons to create your very own summer bucket list.

How to Plan Your Seasonal Bucket List

Now for the fun stuff. It is time to plan a summer bucket list of your very own. Pull out your favourite notebook or create a notes document on your phone. What matters is that you write down your bucket list items. Studies have shown that writing down your goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them. So, take the time to write your bucket list items down somewhere. Not sure what to add to your list? Start by brainstorming. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind…and then start to pare down your list accordingly. Here are some suggestions to consider as you finalize your very own summer bucket list:

  • Make sure the goals on your final summer bucket list are achievable within the allotted timeframe. (Remember, for this particular list, that is before September 22nd.) For instance, something like “visit the beach this summer” is achievable whereas “lose 30 pounds before visiting the beach this summer,” is not. Make sure that whatever you add to the list is something that you can comfortably cross off before the summer turns to fall.
  • Remove anything work-related from your seasonal list. As admirable as it is that you want to commit yourself to work this summer, this is an opportunity for you to do something different and stretch yourself beyond the norm. This list is about personal growth, making memories, and enjoying everything that the summer season has to offer.
  • Add in a combination of solo activities and activities you want to do with others. Need a few suggestions? Some solo bucket list items could include: finishing the unread books on your book shelf, learning about crystal healing, taking a morning walk on weekends, or testing out recipes from a cook book. Some activities you could do with others include: going to an outdoor concert, hosting a backyard barbecue, going on a staycation or weekend getaway, or going on a picnic with someone special. Choose activities that speak to you!
  • Make sure your list includes items that are specific to the season. For instance, tending to your garden, attending a local event, heading to a theme park, visiting the drive-in theatre, going swimming, visiting a farmers’ market, or going for a bicycle ride. Making time for activities that are specific to the season can make your summer one to remember.

How to Complete Your List by the End of Summer

Once you have your summer bucket list written out, the hard part really starts. After all, it is one thing to imagine what you will do all summer long. It is another thing entirely to make time to do those things! There are many ways to make sure you check everything off your list. For example, start small and check off the easier tasks first. This will keep you motivated as the weeks and months pass. Another idea is to purchase tickets ahead of time for bucket list items like concerts, comedy shows, or other local events. You can also hold yourself accountable asking your friends and family members to join you in completing your bucket list. Don’t be afraid to share your plans, invite others, and make it a collaborative experience.

Another way to make sure you complete your to do list is to break down your tasks by week. If you have 20 items on your to-do list and there are 12 weeks until September 22nd, then you know you need to complete about 1.5 items per week. Consciously add those items to your weekly or monthly planner and do everything you can to follow through.

Take time to celebrate your successes and most importantly, enjoy the summer season. After all, that is what your summer bucket list is really about.

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