Money Mindset – New Age Ways to Attract Abundance

money mindset

Have you been tightening your belt lately? Limiting your spending? You are not alone. Concerns about inflation and gas prices have caused many individuals to alter their habits. For some, that might mean skipping out on that morning coffee on the way to work, and for others, it might mean a total reshuffle of finances. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you are likely thinking about your savings more than ever. Not sure how to move forward? How to feel safe and secure? It is time to focus on achieving a money mindset through budgeting, prioritization, and even some new age techniques. Here are some ways to focus on abundance this month…

Why Is It Important to Create a Money Mindset?

Sometimes, it is easier to ignore a problem than to tackle it head on. This is especially true when it comes to handling finances. All the more reason to commit to creating a money mindset! Rather than ignoring the situation altogether, take time to create a budget, prioritize your spending, and find small ways to cut back. Need a few ideas to cut back on expenses? Trim back on streaming service subscriptions for a few months, shop for store brand items at the grocery store, find out whether it is possible to work from home a few days per week, avoid takeout, choose free activities to enjoy, or call your cell phone provider and ask about any specials or promotions. Remember: small changes can contribute to large savings. Be realistic about your spending habits and do what you can to cut back. Oh, and don’t be afraid to embrace new age techniques as well.

Try These New Age Techniques to Welcome in Abundance

There are many different ways to attract abundance into your life and create that money mindset. From essential oils to crystals, affirmations, candle magic, and the law of attraction…the possibilities are endless. Pay attention to what piques your interest and what doesn’t. When it comes to new age offerings and spirituality of all kinds, always trust your intuition.

Use Essential Oils to Draw in Prosperity

Essential oils have an awful lot uses. Not only do certain scents make a room smell fabulous, but aromatherapy can also reduce stress levels, ease anxiety, and alleviate headaches. The power of scent cannot be denied! In addition, these oils are thought to make a money mindset possible. Certain oils are used for specific purposes.  For example, cinnamon, patchouli, and myrrh essential oils are all associated with abundance. Bergamot is thought to increase your luck, frankincense enhances awareness, ginger is all about prosperity, and lemon allows you to release negativity…making it a whole lot easier to welcome in the good and remain optimistic. Sometimes, the right attitude can make all the difference. So, consider what essential oils you have on hand. Diffuse an abundance boosting oil and spend a little time focused on your intentions.

Consider Affirmations and the Law of Attraction

Chances are, the Law of Attraction sounds pretty familiar to you. At this point, over 30 million copies of “The Secret” have been sold around the world. Released in 2006, this book soared in popularity (partly due to the endorsement from Oprah Winfrey) and sales have not slowed down, with several follow-up books released in the years following. Essentially, the Law of Attraction comes down to this: like attracts like. It is the belief that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. Interested in creating a money mindset using the Law of Attraction? Focus your thoughts on what you want instead of worrying about the worst case scenarios. One way to do this is with the use of positive affirmations. Some affirmations for wealth and prosperity include the following:

  • I am deserving of security and financial abundance.
  • My income is constantly increasing.
  • Money flows easily into my life.
  • I am open and receptive to all good.
  • Abundance of all kinds comes to me.

The Best Crystals to Use for Wealth

Are you a crystal lover? Then be sure to make the most of the stones that are already in your collection. For instance, pyrite, which is often referred to as “Fool’s Gold,” can attract abundance into your life. This stone is thought to attract luck of all kinds. Keep a piece of pyrite on your desk at home to remind yourself of that money mindset. If you are someone who struggles to view money in a positive light, reach for citrine. This crystal will infuse your day with positive energy and make it possible to approach life with a yes-I-can attitude. Amazonite is the stone of success and abundance, so use it to focus on your work-related goals.  Green Aventurine is another must-have, because it attracts good fortune. Keep this stone where money should be! Store a small tumbled stone in your wallet or keep it near you when you bank or pay bills.

Don’t have these specific crystals on hand? That’s okay. Use your intention and your imagination. Look up a photo of the crystal you want to use and imagine holding it in your hand. Think about how it would feel and focus your intention on that stone.

Other Ways to Attract Abundance and Achieve a Money Mindset

There are several other options to consider. For instance, you may want to attract luck and prosperity by incorporating Feng shui items into your home. When properly placed, these items are thought to bring positivity, luck, protection, and good fortune into your home. It is certainly worth a try! Another idea? Use sage or palo santo to remove any unwanted negative energies from your space. Remove what is no longer serving you…and use this fresh start to welcome in abundance and security. Candle magic is another option. Take a pin and carefully carve your name into a new candle that is green in colour. Light the candle and think about all of the money, prosperity, and abundance that you want to attract. Think about how you will feel when that money fills your bank account. Do everything possible to envision all of the wonderful feelings and experiences. When the candle burns out, know that your desires are on the way.

How will you achieve a money mindset this month? Whatever you choose…remember to create a budget, make small changes, and incorporate some new age techniques into your day-to-day life.

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