The Best Fall Crystals – Use These Stones for a Memorable Season

fall crystals

Crystals have long been used for healing and happiness. These stones are referenced in historic texts and ancient writings from around the globe. Some used them for jewelry and some for metaphysical purposes. For instance, in Ancient Egypt, crystals were used to aid in health and protection. The fascination with crystals continues to this day. Now, there are crystal shops and metaphysical stores galore. Not to mention the fact that it is possible to find precious gemstones for sale in bookstores and gift shops as well. Whether you want to incorporate crystals into your life for aesthetic reasons or for healing purposes…there are many different stones to consider. Here are some of the best fall crystals to add to your collection.  

How Fall Crystals Can Lead to a Memorable Season

There is something undeniably special about the fall season. On the surface, there are cozy sweaters and leaves changing their colours. However, this season is important on a symbolic level as well. Just as the trees shed their leaves…the fall season provides us with an opportunity to let go of what no longer benefits our lives. Is there a friendship that has run its course? A new job opportunity that might better suit your skills? Are you ready to make a change to your eating habits or surroundings? The fall season is a time of welcome change. Incorporating crystals into your life during this time of year can make transitions a little smoother, boost your mood, and even encourage you during more difficult moments. Fall is a memorable season all on its own, but with the right attitude and the right crystals, it can feel extra special.

The Best Fall Crystals to Add to Your Collection

When it comes to crystal healing, certain stones work best for certain purposes. For example, rose quartz is all about love. Whether that is self-love or relationships with others, this beautiful pink stone is used most often for love-related needs. As for the fall season? It is all about letting go, moving forward, and establishing a sense of security despite all of the changes. Try some of these fall crystals to make sure this season is one you will never forget…

  • Hematite. One important crystal to consider is hematite, which is known as a stone of stability. Since the fall season is associated with releasing the old…it is beneficial to focus on grounding. Hematite can remove negative energy and make you feel more balanced. It also provides energetic protection, which can help you navigate the ups and downs of the fall season. Get grounded by taking a piece of hematite with you on your next nature walk or meditate with a piece of hematite nearby.
  • Carnelian. Though there are many fall crystals to consider, carnelian should not be overlooked. This crystal is grounding, provides stability, and is connected to the lower chakras. The stable energy protects you against extreme emotions, envy, and anger. It also promotes confidence and makes it easier to deal with times of change.
  • Labradorite. Are you someone that works too much? Do you feel weighed down by all of the negativity in the world? Are you regularly overwhelmed? Try carrying a piece of labradorite with you this fall. This particular stone looks incredible and has flashes of colour and light…but it is also a crystal that is associated with our spiritual selves, transition, transformation, and protection from the world around us. In addition, labradorite can be used to manage internal feelings of negativity and resentment.

Even More Crystals to Use This Season  

Thought that was all of the fall crystals to consider? Think again. There are several other stones to wear, meditate with, place around your home, or carry with you for all the good vibes.

  • Tiger’s Eye. Not only is Tiger’s Eye a beautiful crystal that often comes in a warm golden brown…but it is also thought to combine the energy of the earth with the energy of the sun. This is ideal for the fall season. After all, you may have noticed that the days are growing darker. What better time to bring in a little sun! Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection, good fortune, and peace. It can also make you feel more safe and secure and can even make it easier to focus your mind on what matters most this season.
  • Moss Agate. This is the ideal time to reach for fall crystals that focus on new beginnings. That is exactly what moss agate is used for. It represents new beginnings and can also be utilized to smooth out times of transformation. Additionally, moss agate attracts abundance into your life and make it easier to feel self-assured.
  • Citrine. The fall season is often associated with falling leaves and cloudy skies. However, it is possible to focus your mind on warm and inviting light. Citrine is the ideal stone to use if you are feeling low because of the rain, clouds, and darker weather. It radiates happiness, joy, light, and abundance. It is also a wonderful creative motivator!

There are many fall crystals to utilize this season. Choose the ones that stand out to you on this list…and make this autumn one to remember for all the right reasons.

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