Essential Oil Blends for the Holiday Season

essential oil blends

Tis the season! The holidays are often overloaded with responsibilities, to-do lists, traditions, and gatherings. On one hand, this time of year allows you to see loved ones and make happy memories. On the other hand, it can be difficult to stay afloat and manage stress. Though there are many coping strategies to consider (like scheduling time for self-care, setting boundaries with others, focusing on high-quality sleep, and having realistic expectations)…but essential oil blends can also be a benefit. Scents have the power to impact your mood and can balance the intense emotions that are often associated with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Not sure what to reach for? What works best? Here are essential oil blends to make the season bright.

Benefits Associated with Essential Oils

Chances are, you have seen essential oils available to purchase at least once or twice. These concentrated plant extracts have become more and more popular over the years. Home decor stores, book stores, and metaphysical shops often sell small bottles of these oils as well as easy-to-use diffusers. Though some oils are more expensive than others, one thing is certain: essential oils are more accessible than ever before. Aromatherapy or essential oil therapy has been around for thousands of years and was historically used in Egypt, China, and India. These days? It continues to be used to used to improve mental, emotional, and even physical health.

There are many benefits associated with essential oils and essential oil blends. For example, benefits include improved mood, stress reduction, increased attentiveness, more balanced emotions, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, headache relief, and nausea relief. Not sure how to make the most of these beneficial scents? Essential oils can be used in diffusers, room sprays, inhalers, body lotions, and creams. There are many ways to add the power of scent to your day.

Try These Essential Oil Blends for the Holiday Season

Ready to make the most of the holiday season? Wow your guests? Feel relaxed and at ease? Then be sure to try out some of these essential oil blends. Each one is sure to smell amazing and make your home feel extra festive in the days and weeks to come.

Essential Oil Blends for a Peaceful Atmosphere

The holiday season can feel stressful and overwhelming at times. There is so much to get done! From finding the perfect gifts to sending out Christmas cards, organizing dinners, and baking cookies for the work office party…it is no wonder the month of December is overwhelming. Infuse your home with a little peace and relaxation. There are a few essential oil blends that can do just that. For example, simply add five drops of lavender, three drops of clary sage, and one drop of vetiver to a diffuser. The combination is earthy but calming. Another blend includes two drops of neroli, three drops of lavender, and one drop of roman chamomile. This bright but grounding blend will keep your home fresh, joyful, and of course, peaceful.

Enjoy Some Traditional Holiday Scents This Season

Struggling to get into the holiday spirit? Sometimes, when there is too much to do, embracing the season seems impossible. Thankfully, there are essential oil blends that can remind you of the magic and wonder this time of year has to offer. For starters, add two drops of orange essential oil, one drop of cinnamon, and one drop of clove bud to your diffuser. The combination of the bright orange mixed with those traditional seasonal spices will remind you of holidays past. For something simple, but uplifting and holiday themed, add three drops of vanilla essential oils and two drops of peppermint essential oil into your diffuser. The warmth of the vanilla pairs perfectly with the bright peppermint scent. Plus, peppermint had been found to alleviate headaches.

Try These Blends to Bring the Outside In

Maybe you have been missing the great outdoors lately. When life is busy (and temperatures drop) staying inside becomes routine. Mix things up by bringing the outdoors in this holiday season. Enjoy a forest fresh scent by blending three drops of pine essential oil, three drops of cedarwood, and two drops of sandalwood. This combination will make you feel like you are in the middle of the woods…even if you are stuck inside working or cleaning. Alternatively, you can create something just as earthy and grounding by adding four drops of Siberian fir essential oil, one drop of sandalwood essential oil, and one drop of cypress essential oil. Breathe easy knowing that the outdoors are closer than ever before!

Make a Memorable Winter Blend

It doesn’t matter if you live in a warm climate or a cool climate. There is something to be said for a wintery atmosphere. Especially when the holiday season rolls around! Many classic holiday movies have a snowy and wintery backdrop…which makes these essential oil blends ideal for setting the scene. Ready to transform your home into a winter wonderland? Start by adding two drops of cardamon, two drops of white fir, and two drops of clove. It won’t take long for your space to smell wintery and fresh. Alternatively, you can boost your mood with an uplifting wintery combination. Start with four drops of bergamot essential oil, add in two drops of orange essential oil, and add one drop of peppermint essential oil for good measure.

The holiday season can be whatever you want it to be. Though there are an awful lot of stressors and things to check off that never ending to do list…there are also opportunities to rest and relax. Use these essential oil blends to create a sense of peace and joy in your home.  

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