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favourite flower

What Your Favourite Flower Reveals About You!

There are many common expressions about flowers. A few examples? Stop and smell the roses. Flowers whisper beauty to the world. Every flower blooms...

Four Ways to Focus on Self-Love This Month

Do you appreciate what you have to offer? Feel confident in who you are? It’s okay if you shook your head no. Most people...
stay motivated

Essential Tips and Tricks to Stay Motivated This Spring

Maybe you have a long list of things you want to accomplish before the spring season ends. Or perhaps there is a project at...
crystals for protection

Crystals for Protection – Use These Stones for Safety and Peace of Mind

It’s tough out there. Especially recently, as there seems to be more division and hatred than ever. There is fearmongering, finger pointing, and deliberate...
spring season

Start the Spring Season Off Right and Infuse Each Day With Joy

Sometimes, the small stuff matters. After all, the little things have a way of becoming big things. It’s amazing how it happens. You don’t...
romance in dreams

Romance In Dreams – Symbols, Emotions, and What It All Means

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Is love still on the brain? Maybe you have been thinking about past relationships lately or your dreams...
setting boundaries

Setting Boundaries – How to Say No and Prioritize Your Needs

No. It is such a short word, but at times, it feels impossible to say. Setting boundaries is a necessity, but that doesn’t necessarily...
programming your crystals

Programming Your Crystals for a Happy and Healthy New Year

The countdown is over. At this point, the confetti has fallen and the champagne bottles have all been popped. In the aftermath of a...
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