Programming Your Crystals for a Happy and Healthy New Year

programming your crystals

The countdown is over. At this point, the confetti has fallen and the champagne bottles have all been popped. In the aftermath of a shiny new year, it is often difficult to readjust to everyday life. No wonder so many start to think ahead. Maybe you have a binder full of New Year’s Resolutions you want to tackle or perhaps you decided to skip the annual tradition altogether. Whether you are focused on making changes or on simply surviving…it is always a good idea to welcome peace, love, and joy into your life. This year, make it happen by programming your crystals. This practice is all about intention, so get ready to create a happier and healthier new year.

The Importance of Programming Your Crystals

Are there crystals in your home? Though you may not have a dedicated collection, chances are, there are at least a few healing stones in your space. These days, crystals are used in accessories, as home décor pieces, and of course, for healing purposes. Good news: it is possible to use the crystals you already have in a more meaningful way. Many people use crystals to remove negative energy from their home office or feel more grounded during stressful times. Alternatively, crystals can be used to improve communication, feel more confident, and so much more.

Wearing, holding, or placing a stone can be a powerful experience. However, taking the time to be intentional can make a notable difference. Programming your crystals is a must, because it makes the crystal more work more effectively. For instance, wearing a piece of rose quartz is wonderful…but programming a piece of rose quartz for your desired purpose is even better. Thankfully, this practice is quick and easy. Here is everything you need to know about programming your crystals.

How to Program Crystals

Programming your crystals is both easy to do and ultra effective. You don’t need to be an expert on crystals…all you need is intention. Essentially, this practice fills the crystal with the energy of your desire. That in turn makes the crystal more powerful and useful. To start? Hold the crystal in your hand (whether it is jewelry, tumbled, or a raw stone) or place your hands on a larger piece.

Take a few deep breaths and repeat the following aloud: “I dedicate this energy to my highest good. I ask that you to work with me ____.” Fill in the blank with whatever you want that crystal to be programmed for. Here are a few examples: “I ask that you work with me to address my anxiety. I ask that you work with me so I can be more open to love. I ask that you work with me so I can have more prosperity in my life.” Crystals can be programmed for a specific area of focus.

All crystals have metaphysical properties associated with them. That is why it is important to program your crystals thoughtfully. Ideally, it is best to set an intention that meshes well with the natural properties of the stone. For instance, bloodstone is all about courage and motivation. It is also linked to endurance and physical strength. If you choose to program a piece of bloodstone, it makes sense to focus on related goals or desires. Some examples? “I ask that you work with me as I work to become a more confident and secure person,” or “I ask that you work with me as I start to incorporate healthier habits into my life.” The natural metaphysical properties of the stone paired with your intention will make that stone far more effective moving forward.

program crystals

Program Your Crystals for a Happy and Healthy New Year

All crystals can be programmed to better address your current needs. So, take a look around your home to see what crystals you can utilize in this way. There may be a pair of amethyst earrings in your jewelry box (amethyst is a calming stone and can be used to address stress and anxiety) or a raw piece of quartz that sits on your bookshelf (quartz is used for cleansing and balance and can address things like negativity or an overwhelming schedule).

Use what you have to start. If there is nothing suitable, it is always possible to do a little online shopping or head to a nearby metaphysical shop. Intuitively choose a stone that speaks to you and aligns with your goals for the year. This could be a small tumbled stone, a worry stone, or even a carved piece. Trust your instincts! The combination of that stone and your intention is all you really need. Program this piece as desired and enjoy a wonderful new year.

A new year is here. How will you make the most of it? Programming your crystals is one super simple way to focus on what you really want in the days and weeks to come. Whether you are seeking new friendships, more balance, or increased motivation…these stones are on your side.

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