Start the Spring Season Off Right and Infuse Each Day With Joy

spring season

Sometimes, the small stuff matters. After all, the little things have a way of becoming big things. It’s amazing how it happens. You don’t even notice at first, but before long, the results are undeniable. Just take healthy habits as an example. Maybe you decided to cut back on your soda consumption bit by bit. What was once a daily must have has somehow become a once in a while treat. That change didn’t happen right away, but it did happen. Are you ready to make a few small shifts in your life right now? Make sure this spring season is brighter and bolder? Good news: there are lots of little ways to find that extra spark of happiness.

Spring Season Musts: Seasonal Affirmations

Looking for a little extra joy this spring season? Focus on your words. Dedicating a minute or two to positive affirmations can work wonders. According to Calmer, positive affirmations are “brief statements or phrases used to counteract negative or harmful thoughts.” Repeating affirmations first thing in the morning (or whenever you can squeeze them into your day) can significantly alter your mood. These statements make it possible to embrace positive change and feel happier. Not sure where to start? Here are some spring-themed affirmations to use this season:

  • I am grateful for everything this season has to offer.
  • Just like the flowers outside my window, I am blooming.
  • Everything about the spring season makes me smile.
  • I am happy, grateful, and excited about what is to come.
  • This is the perfect time to focus on what I want to accomplish and who I want to be.
  • I am worthy of self-love. I deserve to be joyful.

Refresh Your Space with a Little Spring Inspiration

There is something so wonderful about the spring season. Everything is alive! Flowers are blooming and the grass is picture perfect. Yes, spring is a time of renewal. The winter season certainly has its perks, but it can be dark and dreary at times. On the other hand, spring is seen as a welcome return to all that is bright, light, and hopeful. Bring that joy into your most used spaces this season. For example, you could switch out your regular throw cushions for some pillows that are sunny and yellow. Or you could hang a seasonally inspired photograph or piece of artwork on your wall. It is also possible to add fresh flowers to your desk at work or hang a floral air freshener in your car before you hit the road. Quick and easy additions can make a world of difference to your mood – and remind you of all the beauty that spring has to offer.

Spend Small Pockets of Time in Nature

Short on time? Feeling a little overwhelmed lately? That doesn’t mean your spring season has to suffer. It is possible to embrace nature in small but meaningful ways. Of course, you can always bring the outside in, with flowers on the table and a spring inspired background on your phone. However, it is also possible to enjoy the outdoors on a tight schedule. Challenge yourself to two five-minute nature walks per week. Those nature walks can be at a local park, a nearby trail, or even in your own backyard. The whole idea is to spend just a few minutes in the sunshine. During those five minutes, avoid looking at electronics or listening to music. Simply let your mind wander, enjoy the beauty around you, and breathe deeply. Your body and mind will thank you.

Infuse Each Day With Joy This Spring

Joy can always be found in small, everyday moments. So, challenge yourself to pay attention to the little things this spring season. Like the way it feels to wear a new pair of socks or how comfortable your favourite sweater is. Maybe joy looks like a floral scented candle or a playlist with bright and happy songs. Or perhaps you find joy smiling at a stranger or writing an encouraging note for someone you care about. Leave room for happiness this season!

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