Crystals for Protection – Use These Stones for Safety and Peace of Mind

crystals for protection

It’s tough out there. Especially recently, as there seems to be more division and hatred than ever. There is fearmongering, finger pointing, and deliberate misrepresentation. Every day, it becomes harder to feel protected and at ease. Though it may not be possible to solve the many problems of the world…it is possible to focus inward and reestablish a sense of safety. This can be done in many ways. For example, speaking to a professional, a friend, or a trusted family member about how you’re feeling, writing out a gratitude list, doing a good deed for someone else, listening to a guided meditation, diffusing an earthy or grounding essential oil, or using crystals for protection.

Should You Use Crystals For Protection?

Everyone deserves to feel safe, loved, and protected. That is not a right reserved for the minority…but for all human beings on this planet. Maybe you have been harmed by someone in your life recently, harassed online, or have found yourself feeling anxious about recent news reports. There are many reasons your sense of safety may be in need of some TLC. First thing is first: acknowledge how you are feeling. You can do this through journaling, writing a poem, singing a song, having a good cry, or any other method that feels right. Remember, it’s okay to feel afraid and uncertain sometimes…and it’s okay to admit it when it happens.

Once you have acknowledged your feelings, it is time to reestablish a sense of safety in your life. Though there are many different approaches to consider, using crystals for protection may be right for you. Crystal healing is thought to balance the unstable energy in the body. Author, Judy Hall, describes crystals as having a stable energy pattern, while the energy field of the human body is far less stable. As a result, crystals are thought to bring that unstable energy back into balance. Sound like something you are interested in? There are many protective stones to use.

Protective Crystals to Incorporate Into Your Life

Not sure where to start? What crystals will be best? Not to worry. There are many crystals for protection to choose from. If you have an existing crystal collection, some of these may already be in your collection. If not, these healing stones can be found at your nearby metaphysical shop or ordered online. Pay attention to the crystals on this list that stand out to you.

Reach for these Protective Stones

  • Black Obsidian. Never underestimate the power of black obsidian. It is a stone of clarity that releases emotional, spiritual, and physical blocks. Additionally, it is thought to release stress and tension – and encourage personal growth. In need of protection? Wear black obsidian, carry it in your pocket, place it in a room that you frequent, or meditate with a piece nearby. This stone is able to absorb negativity, ward off harmful energies, and protect. You may find yourself feeling more at ease with the aid of this beautiful black stone.
  • Pyrite. It might be time to consider spending time with pyrite. This is a strong protective stone that can shield you from negative outside energies. It is also believed to increase willpower and strengthen the mind. If that wasn’t enough, pyrite can also assist with manifesting financial abundance, which is ideal if your sense of safety is impacted by finances. Since pyrite has a strong energy and a wide reach, it can be placed absolutely anywhere in your home or on your body for a deeper sense of protection.
  • Black Tourmaline. There are many crystals for protection to choose from, but black tourmaline might be the right stone for you. It is powerful and grounding. Though there are different variations of tourmaline to choose from, black tourmaline specifically is thought to have the most protective energy. It absorbs negative energy, which can protect you from negative feelings or unwanted outside energies. Since this stone is connected to the root chakra, black tourmaline makes it much easier to feel safe and secure.

Even More Protective Crystals to Consider

The list doesn’t end there! It is possible to feel safe and protected with other stones as well. For instance, clear quartz. This stone can be used to deflect negativity and attract positivity, but it needs to be programmed. Be clear and set your intentions beforehand. Another option for protection is black jade, which is thought to tap into your intuition and help you steer clear from negative people and negative situations. Amethyst is another protective and healing stone. It is ideal to use when you feel overwhelmed in crowds or social situations. Reach for amethyst when the idea of leaving home makes you feel unsettled. Other options for protection include: citrine, smoky quartz, and hematite. Whichever stone on this list stands out to you is the right one.

Sometimes, the world feels scary, overwhelming, and unsafe. Though you can’t change the world, you can take steps to reestablish a sense of safety and ease in your life. These crystals for protection are a wonderful way to shift your energy and feel more balanced. Remember: you deserve to be treated well. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to be protected.

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