Essential Tips and Tricks to Stay Motivated This Spring

stay motivated

Maybe you have a long list of things you want to accomplish before the spring season ends. Or perhaps there is a project at work or school that requires extra focus and dedication. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stay motivated when the sun is shining just outside your window. There is so much to do outdoors – and your desire to take a springtime walk might outweigh your motivation to complete a necessary task. On the other hand, springtime lethargy could be impacting your days. Some people feel tired and unmotivated during this time of year. Whether you are restless indoors or feel out of sorts, it is possible to reclaim some much-needed motivation this season. Implement these essential tips and tricks into your springtime routine.

Why Motivation is So Important

Though it may not always come easy, motivation is incredibly valuable. It is essentially your drive to get things done. The benefits? When you are motivated, it becomes far easier to achieve your goals, break unhelpful habits, and make positive changes in your life. You have a goal (or goals) to work towards and you are laser focused on making it happen. Everyone needs a little motivation sometimes! However, many people struggle with this. Getting motivated and staying motivated is often easier said than done. After all, breaking old habits can be challenging and finding the energy to maintain motivation can be downright exhausting. Some days, it seems simpler to give into whatever is easiest rather than fight for what you want. That is why it is so important to have strategies in place this spring so you can stay motivated all season long.

Stay Motivated by Writing Down What You Want (or Need) to Accomplish

First thing is first…what is on your to-do list? Whether you need motivation to complete a work task, cleaning task, long-term project, or establish an exercise routine, it is important to recognize what you are trying to accomplish. Start by writing it down. From there, you can start to work backwards and create a plan. How long will it take you to achieve this goal if you stay motivated and on track? How much time do you need to dedicate per day or per week? Do you know how you will track your progress? Start by brainstorming ideas and creating a plan. Sometimes, having a clearly defined goal and understanding how to reach that goal can make all the difference.

It is also a good idea to write down some positive affirmations related to your specific goal. For instance, if you want to fix up your home this season but are struggling with motivation, try affirmations like: I enjoy putting positive energy into my home. Every single room in my home looks and feels beautiful. I always bless my home with love. This is a safe space for me. Write your own affirmations for an extra dose of motivation and positivity.

Use Meditation Techniques to Stay Motivated

It’s not always easy to focus. There is so much distraction to deal with! From email notifications to text messages and social media updates…it seems that we are being pulled in a hundred different directions. No wonder motivation and focus can be such a struggle sometimes. That is where meditation comes in handy. Meditation is a wonderful way to achieve more mental clarity, renew the mind, and feel more focused. Achieving your goals is much easier after a little dedicated meditation time. There are many different types of meditation to try, including guided meditation, visualization meditation, mantra meditation, and focused meditation. Don’t be afraid to try different types in order to determine what works best for you. Not only will you feel more relaxed and at ease, but it will become far easier to stay focused and motivated this spring.

Use Crystals Thoughtfully for Motivation

Maybe you don’t feel very motivated today. You know what goal you want to work towards and have even made a plan, but your drive to put that plan into action is lacking. It’s understandable! There are days when it all feels a little too overwhelming. Not to worry…there are crystals that can assist with motivation. For example, if you have been feeling a lot of spring lethargy, tigers eye is a must. It focuses the mind, is protective, and can address fear and anxiety. Another option for motivation is carnelian, which actually restores motivation, promotes positive life choices, and aids in creativity. There is also aventurine to consider, which is often referred to as “The Stone of Opportunity.” This stone attracts luck and increases confidence, making it easier to break unhealthy habits and embrace positive change. Lastly, there is fluorite, which is all about focus.

Use These Essential Oils for Additional Focus

Scent is powerful. One familiar smell can trigger memories, provide comfort, and make you feel more at ease. Use scent thoughtfully by diffusing essential oils for motivation and focus. There are many that can help, but some of the standouts include lemon, jasmine absolute, and cedarwood. Lemon essential oil is bright, energetic, and uplifting. If you are feeling unmotivated, a little down in the dumps, or in over your head, use like lemon (or another citric scent) to renew your motivation and feel more optimistic. Jasmine absolute is a scent often described as balanced. It is a wonderful way to feel at ease, confident, and optimistic. Lastly, there is cedarwood essential oil. This is a very grounding scent that makes it possible to face difficult situations head on. If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do…choose cedarwood.

Want to stay motivated? It isn’t always easy, but it certainly is possible. It doesn’t matter if the sunshine is calling your name or you are feeling a little down in the dumps this spring. With these tips and tricks, you can clearly identify your goals and take consistent actions.

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