What Your Favourite Flower Reveals About You!

favourite flower

There are many common expressions about flowers. A few examples? Stop and smell the roses. Flowers whisper beauty to the world. Every flower blooms in its own time. Flowers grow out of dark moments. It is clear that flowers speak to us on a deep and personal level. Not only are they beautiful to look at…but they also remind us to live life well. Do you have a favourite flower? One that always makes you smile? One you receive on special occasions? There might be a deeper meaning to consider. Keep reading to find out what your favourite flower reveals about you.

Why Your Favourite Flower Matters

Some people love daisies while others prefer roses. Some people love flowers based on a specific colour while others choose their favourite based on scent. Whatever the reason for your choice…your favourite flower says something about who you are. After all, different flowers have different meanings associated with them. It is time to learn a little bit more about them. So, first thing is first: what is your favourite flower? Something may immediately come to mind, but if not, think about the flowers in your garden or flowers that have been gifted to you in the past. Do any stand out among the rest? If you are still having difficulty pinpointing a favourite type or colour, simply do an online image search and see what flower types stand out to you most.

What It Means When Tulips Are Your Favourite Flower

Tulips are described as cup-shaped flowers and are often associated with the spring season. These come in many different colours, including orange, yellow, pink, and purple. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but tulips have long been linked with sunshine, happiness, and light. If you are someone that loves this specific type of flower, chances are, you try to make the world a better place in whatever way you can. That might mean picking up a coffee for a co-worker on your way into the office, donating time or money to a charitable cause, being there to listen to a friend at the end of a long day, or simply smiling at whoever you pass on the street.

Since there are many different colours associated with the tulip, your preference there reveals even more! For example, if orange tulips are your favourite, you are likely a deeply understanding person. If pink tulips make you smile, it means you tend to focus on the most important relationships in your life. On the other hand, if white tulips are your favourite, you are forgiving.

What Daisies Reveal About You

There is something special about daisies. The contrast of the bright yellow center and the white petals is truly a sight to be seen. Would you consider these your favourite flower? This means you are likely someone who is hopeful, kind, and holds onto a childlike sense of wonder. Daisies are associated with innocence and loyalty. These cheery flowers don’t just look beautiful in a garden or in the center of a table…daisies offer an undeniable sense of cheerfulness and optimism. Most likely, you are someone who holds onto small seeds of hope, even during dark times. You have a way of making people feel more at ease and are often referred to as a cheerleader. Though the world is not always a bright and sunny place, you make the lives of others better.

What it Means When Roses are Your Must-Have

No list would be complete without roses. After all, this is one of the most popular flowers, especially when holidays roll around. (It is estimated that more than 250 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day alone.) If these flowers are your favourite, a lot depends on your preferred colour. Roses generally mean that you lead with your heart. You are a passionate and caring individual who likes classic and timeless styles when it comes to clothing and decor. As for colours? Red roses are all about love. If it is your favourite, you have a strong focus on romance and maintaining important relationships. If white roses are a must, you have a sense of innocence and believe it is always possible for a fresh start. On the other hand, pink roses represent a pleasant and kind nature. Coral roses mean you focus on building and maintaining friendships.

What Lilies Reveal About You

Are lilies your favourite flower? These aesthetically pleasing blooms come in a variety of shapes: trumpet, funnel, cup, bell, and bowl. Lilies also come in a wide variety of colours. These fragrant flowers are loved by many…and represent purity and beauty. If it is your favourite flower, it means that you are drawn to the more beautiful aspects of life. Perhaps you love having artwork hanging in your apartment or enjoy visiting impressive nature sites on your vacations. Additionally, lilies indicate that you know how to stand out in the best possible way. People are drawn to you! As for the specifics, the lily colour you prefer can reveal even more about you. For instance, red lilies indicate that you have a passion for life while white lilies indicate that you believe strongly in second chances. If yellow lilies are your favourite, you prefer to look on the bright side.

Even More Flower Meanings to Consider

There are many different flowers out there – and so many things that these flowers can reveal about who you are. A few more examples include: carnations (you are down to earth and deeply caring), orchids (you are a detail-oriented person), and geraniums (you are a positive person focused on happiness and making good memories). Is your favourite flower not on the list? Not to worry…a part two will be shared on Spirit Earth Magazine in the future. Stay tuned!

Now that you know what your favourite flower reveals, it is important to add that flower into your daily life whenever possible. Stop by a local market, diffuse an essential oil version of your favourite, or hang a photograph on the wall that highlights the flower of your choice. There are so many ways to embrace your favourite flower – and who you are.

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